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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

My Photo
Location: Katoomba, NSW, Australia

here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

August 31, 2005


I have a few swap ideas going on in my head right now ~ one is a christmas stocking swap -either knitted or sewn but must be handmade and the other is a collage journal page...please comment here or even put your name down if you are interested. I will have more details later....

God bless ~

Patra has posted a lovely tribute to all those affected by hurricane Katrina ~ I would like to join her ~ sending my prayers, good thoughts & best wishes to all

August 30, 2005

no junk mail * no hawkers & no canvassers

Yes, I woke this morning with an inbox full of anonymous postings... so unfortunately I am going to have to revert to no anonymous postings, which means anyone who posts will have to register with blogger - you don't have to have a blog, just have to register...quite easy. Sorry if this is a pain for any of you but sadly lots of people obviously have nothing better to do than sit at their computer all day, sending out spam...who reads it anyway? It is like junk mail filling your letter box - mine goes directly in the recycling bin...

August 29, 2005

my vintage garden ~ August 29

I looked for Grandma's garden & found my own

this is a view of the arbor that dear Joe made me for our 10th anniversary. I have painted it verdi blue - but I am thinking of changing it to graphite * which is a dark charcoal* behind the arbor is the view which I see from my kitchen window * the path leads from my back door to my back gate * over the arbor I did have a rose growing but it kind of attacked people as they walked through * so I dug it out and planted a chinese star jasmine...along the left side of the path I have a rose garden planted with iris and on the right, a row of gardenias - in the cement tub, I usually plant either herbs or some kind of vegetable ~ being near the kitchen, it is wonderful to be able to run out and grab something fresh.......

housekeeping ~ August 29

after doing minimal housework last week, today I really needed to get in and do the bedrooms & bathrooms. This weekend coming is the bridal shower and it is being held here, at our home, so I want to give the house a mini spring clean ( the real one will be in mid-late September)..So today, I threw the bedroom doors open , stripped the sheets and cleaned like a mad woman. Fresh air as well as spraying copious amounts of lavender water around really made a difference to the staleness of the bedroom.....it's amazing how sick a house can feel when the inhabitants are suffering from coughs & colds. I also washed all the towels and sheets as well as getting the whites done.... I have decided against trying to change to tea tree oil for cleaning the bathroooms - it is just not a 'smell' that I enjoy, it actually makes me quite nauseous...so I am sticking to my tried and true lavender oil.
I also gave our front verandah a good tidy up... the day was glorious and I really can feel spring stirring in my soul.
and to top a wonderful day off - I went for a long walk this afternoon - delightful! Dads & sons out riding pushbikes, elderly people pottering in their garden - all of them smiling as I walked past... I love living here.


I have caught the knitting bug ~ I haven't knitted in ages but browsing lots of blogs, I noticed so many are knitting socks. There are stripey ones, ribbed ones and sweet dainty ones. It sounds like fun and I guess going into summer isn't the right time to be starting but at least I have a good start for next winter! AND all the wool will be on sale now, being end of winter. I may even bore you all with my progress !

August 28, 2005

vintage gardening & other stuff ~ August 28

what a wonderful day I have had today ! first I cooked a few bunches of beetroot and pickled them * then I went to the produce store and bought lucerne mulch, mushroom compost & pea straw. I planted 5 potato tubers.. * nicola * variety - I also have kipfler to plant next weekend if I get a chance... I am using the no-dig method for my potatoes this year and see how that works. The garden is looking absolutely divine at the moment...things are starting to bloom and the perfume is heavenly.... I watered all my citrus by bucket & planted a row of society garlic in my rose garden * hopefully it will keep pests at bay *......the grass needs mowing but Joe with his broken arm and myself with the stitches....it isn't getting done this week - I have grass, not lawn in my garden..lots of clover.....do you ever sit for ages, just looking for a 4 leaf one? I did that today.... nice and relaxing ...just sitting there looking and then seeing bugs rushing about their busy lives, noticing the magpies calling and all those wonderful good bugs flitting here and there .....the apple tree is just bursting with buds * it will be glorious soon ..ohh maybe for the wedding ! wouldn't it be wonderful to have photos under the old apple tree - it is over 80 years old. Just gorgeous - just thinking what it has seen in it's life time, brings a smile to my face...who planted it and what hopes and dreams did they have? It makes the best apple crumble and apple sauce - can't wait for that! I think around May or so ....off to my son's for dinner tonight and a busy week ahead !

post card swap

don't forget the postcard swap ~
I have set up a special blog *link on my sidebar*
I hope to have the first names sent out by the end of August
...and you can always join at any time.

August 27, 2005

life & vintage remedies ~ August 27

ahh well ~ I knew it had to come. We are all sick with coughs and colds. After weeks of sitting in Dr's waiting rooms & hospitals it isn't surprising that we caught something. I really hate when I am sitting waiting to see my Dr and there are other people coughing and sneezing without using a handkerchief or tissue. Sharing their germs to the rest of us ~ I would rather they wouldn't
Had a little search for a natural cough mix and found this:


1 cup honey
1/2 cup fresh thyme or 1/4 cup dried thyme

In a small saucepan, combine the honey and thyme. heat gently over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes, being sure not to let the honey boil or scorch. Remove from heat and allow the honey to cool. Strain out the herbs, then bottle the mix in a lovely old bottle & put a gorgeous label on it. To relieve colds, coughs, and sore throats, take 1 teaspoon of this thyme-infused honey three times a day. You could also add a teaspoon of it to a cup of regular hot tea and sip slowly.

vicks vapour rub on the chest, a warm singlet, scarf round my neck ~ sitting in front of the fire ~ I will be doing that sometime today !!!

August 26, 2005

vintage bookshelves and a treasure found

oh what a treat I had today!!!! after putting everything back in the kitchen after it was painted, cleaning all the benches and washing the floor ~ I decided to take myself out for a treat. This months 'Simple Abundance' chapter has been all about the arts & creativity and I was going to buy a poetry book to see if it could inspire me. So I drove myself to Katoomba to visit a quaint second hand bookshop. Two floors full of old books- books on shelves, in boxes, piles on the floor - just overflowing with old books and an old man sitting behind the counter in a big leather armchair, wrapped in a check blanket ~ reading glasses perched on his nose ~ wool cap on his head ~ leisurely reading and thoroughly engrossed in his book. He nodded as I walked in and I got the distinct feeling that he couldn't care less if I bought something or not.
I trotted of up the stairs to the cooking section ~ you see, I was on the hunt for some vintage housekeeping books.....but they are few and far between let me tell you. Either they have all worn out with use or maybe they are the trend in real life just like in cyber world ? who knows.
Plenty of books on wine, microwave cookery (yick) or chinese cookery from the 70's! oh yes and lots of books on cooking for the freezer..which I am not into either....so I browsed and browsed, each minute feeling more like I was wasting my time. Found a book for ms*louisa's bridal shower...vintage of course but shhhh, she reads this. So I wandered downstairs to the poetry section..thinking to myself oh come on..surely there is something to treat myself with. I found a nice book called 'Particular Delights - cooking for the senses' by Nathalie Hambro... and that looked about it for the day...I went to walk out and something stopped me...hmm maybe a silly frivolous love story is what I need..so I started looking in the fiction section - you know, the ones with Fabio all over the front..and there among all those books, just peeking out, was a copy of 'GIFT FROM THE SEA' by Anne Morrow Lindbergh - from 1955... so I picked it off the shelf and walked up to the counter to pay. $2, can you believe it? It is just a gorgeous copy, a true vintage treasure....

and as I was walking out, I spotted 'The Diary of Anne Frank' in the window for $6.... I have been promising myself to read this again..... hated it in high school but now in my 'more mature' years.... I hope to be able to grasp and enjoy her story. I then went and bought myself a fresh date scone to have for my lunch ~ wicked I was.....very happy with my puttering day in the old bookshop.

special times ~ Christmas

lots of chatter about Christmas already !!! I AM not ready for Christmas and I REFUSE to get caught up in all the planning until December 1. This is the day that I start my preparations - I put my wreath on the front door, Bing Crosby - White Christmas playing and I start planning. I thrive on deadlines..... there is way too much happening right now to even start a list or think what I will cook...... I like to savour spring time, spending time in my glorious garden...then of course, there is ms*louisa's wedding which is taking precedence over anything until October and we also like to celebrate Thanksgiving in November, even though we are Australian.. we still have a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings on the Saturday after Thanksgiving is held in America. After all, I believe it doesn't matter where you live, there is always something to be thankful for.
so all that said - this Christmas is going to be simple - Christmas to me isn't about gifts - oh sure, we give gifts but the most important part of Christmas for me - is spending time with loved ones, sharing a meal and making memories for our grandchildren.... that and of course attending the midnight mass.
I do make one allowance however - and that is I start soaking my fruit for the fruitcakes in September.

my vintage garden ~ August 26

I looked for grandma's garden and found my

spring is such a wonderful time of year and although we still have a few days to go til the 'official' start to spring ~ my garden has decided it's time!! This is a view of the side path down to the front yard... the path is small pebbles edged with common bricks. I call this my scented walk ~ as I have planted roses, luculia, daphne & gardenia...the perfume most times is delightful. Also planted are an avenue of flowering plums, camellias and edging is mini agapanthus, japanese windflower & hellebores.
I garden with my grandma in mind......bringing childhood memories into my own garden.

August 25, 2005

ms*louisa's wedding ~ August 25

we need some help * ms*louisa and her betrothed - Garth are now in the process of choosing bible verses for the wedding ceremony....this is the one that I like - 1 Corinthians 13.1-13 but I am sure there are others that some one may know of....they are having the wedding booklets designed at the moment. They need to find some lovely verses as well.

the value of friendship

I bought this delightful little verse book awhile back... inscribed in the front :
To Dear Frank from Bernice
with every good wish for everything that is nice

well, my dear Nan's birthday was May 25 - making this a little extra special

I have felt this blessing of being able to respond to new friendships very
strongly lately, for I have lost many old and valued connections during this
trying spring. I thank God far more earnestly for such blessings than for my
daily bread, for friendship is the bread of the heart

Mary Russell Mitford

my vintage home ~ August 25

my home is full of colour ~ my rooms are all different colours ......blue bedroom, tuscan gold in the dining room, the lounge is a pumpkin and gold colour and my sitting room is an absolutely divine shade of raspberry and I adore it.... just lately, I have been browsing through my favourite magazine *ENGLISH COUNTRY LIVING* a divine magazine !!! and was trying to work out just what it was about the kitchens in all those lovely english cottages that drew me in.... so I sat and studied the photographs. And discovered that they all had white walls - a lovely warm, crisp white....and lots of timber. My kitchen walls are currently *wait for it!* - lime green with purple cornice & yellow ceiling * oh my gosh I hear you say! but it does look wonderful, really it does but I want mine to look like the english cottage kitchens and I have alot of timber in my kitchen.... a quick call to my brother in law who is a painter and he has a spare two days and is coming today to paint for me... my kitchen right now is in total disarray with stuff all over. Just by painting a room gives a girl a lift, dont you think? Better than a new hairdo anyday.Oh I am a sad & sorry soul

August 24, 2005


while it is still fresh in my heart
*the notebook is a deliciously lovely movie
* a true love story *
*the notebook*

home - safe & sound

big thankyou to you all for the well wishes & emails...makes a girl feel much cared for. My operation went well and I am doing as told - rest...
my sweet Joe, bought me a gorgeous bunch of cream carnations and mexican orange blossom....and a huge bag of chocolates and I have been having lovely rose petal baths and wearing my much loved flannelette jammies... just sitting around all day today, doing nothing except watching TV... a wonderful show all about the world's rich - Onassis, The Gettys, Doris Duke & Barbara Hutton... they all had so much money but led very sad and lonely lives......
tonight after tea, I am watching the movie *The Notebook* ....

August 22, 2005

ms*robyn is ....

a little bit of frivolity to start the week....

August 21, 2005

the armchair traveller

ok... here are a few pictures from my local area * the Blue Mountains of NSW * 1 hours drive west of Sydney. I live in an area that is famous for bushwalks, antique shops and restaurants * amazing scenery and steeped in history. Gorgeous gardens which come into their own during autumn and spring. It is classified as a *world heritage area* and is known as *the city within a national park* because, we are literally living within a national park! lucky me.

we have many tourist attractions and each day during the week, lots of tourist buses travel up to see the famous *3 Sisters* landmark in Katoomba...although it is quite nearby, I have never walked over to them as I am very afraid of heights. The winter time is very popular with city dwellers who come up here to experience a real winter, staying in the many guest house and bed & breakfasts which the area is famous for.

The town where I live is not big and all we have is a little corner store and a post office. Our train station usually wins the garden competition for the 'best railway garden'.

We are also famous for the *Woodford Academy*
built in 1833 and being the oldest building in the Blue Mountains. Originally built as an inn for passing travellers and is now owned by the national trust. Just recently, I joined the *friends of the Woodford Academy* and will now be able to serve afternoon tea in the tea rooms or give guided tours of the buildings. The history in this gorgeous old place is amazing. I love it!!!

so that is my little tour for today of the area in which I live
leaving you with this picture which is taken from my front verandah.... a view I look at every day... just gorgeous...

August 20, 2005

post cards from the vintage edge...

anyone interested in going on a snail mail list to swap postcards from your own area? I have no idea how it will all work but I have set up a new blog....

daily postcards

a bouquet to you

thankyou to you all for all the wonderful well wishes, prayers and good thoughts. A big bouquet to each of you

an update on how things are..

a few of you have asked how everything is going....

Joe had a metal plate inserted over the break and will be in plaster for at least 6 weeks then months of physiotherapy. he (and I) are just so lucky that he is alive....he is not making a good patient though.

Sophie arrived home from her skiing trip in a bandage and her hand is quite bruised. Xrays showed no break though if it isnt better by next week, I guess I will take her to our own GP to get it looked at.

then there is me...... I have a breast lump that has to be removed on Tuesday. Biopsies show not cancer but my specialist wants it removed to make sure as this is the type that can progress to malignancy. Of course due to my *cancer head* (there is a post somewhere about that).... I am stressing ......que sera sera

ms*louisa's wedding ~ August 20

the kitchen tea is planned for September 3rd & the invitations were sent a week ago.

The wedding invitations were sent out on Thursday..... the day is getting closer...

ms*louisa had her makeup rehearsal today and looks absolutely gorgeous........ I am going to be a blubbering mess on the day!!!

she was a real handful as a teen but I am so happy to say - that we are best friends now


oh no don't worry..no housework today ! I don't do housework weekends.... although I do quickly run the vacuum over the timber floors and wipe down the bathroom bench and around the bath..just to keep my home looking fresh.
But what is bothering me today is how on earth we cope with childrens mess..... I am not talking about the toys but the teenage mess. I have 3 kiddies... my son is 30 now and when he was a teenager he use to drive me near insane with his bedroom hygiene. I like to change the sheets * vaccum & dust the bedrooms once a week..his would take me a whole day...boys stuff - half finished models...dirty socks shoved under the bed and the ultimate was when I found a half rotten apple in his drawer ( the joke with that is that he was saving it for when the end of the world happenend).....so he is married now and his wife has inherited that problem. Then came ms*louisa who wasn't much better as a teenager - messy room but girls stuff just doesnt seem to have the *perfume* that boys stuff does..but the many hair things, girlie magazines, CD's and clean clothes tossed on the floor because they didn't 'go'.... she has moved into her own place and is now like her mother - ME!!!! and then there is my baby ms*sophie - just turned sweet 16... her room is done weekly - I enjoy getting it looking just so..nice and clean, fresh sheets and all clothes folded and put away. Well, that only lasts a day ! and then there is the obligatory clean clothes on the floor, dirty clothes tossed into the wash bin except they missed, books & CDs all over, school work in piles , hair stuff, girlie mags * oh the list goes on and on. What do I do?
I can either clean it each week and say nothing..... or leave it & let it go until she says she has hayfever to which I can reply 'well no wonder, with all that dust'.... I was advised once by an older friend...... just close the door and ignore it......sometimes I can but most times I can't

August 19, 2005

my vintage garden

today * started off quite chilly but has developed into a warm * pre spring day... I have washing flapping in the breeze & had a wander around my garden...

Daffodil Day ~ 2005

don't forget to buy your daffodils today to support the cancer council ! a bunch in a gorgeous vintage pressed glass vase or an old teapot ~ simple pleasure !!!


words to ponder

how boring our world would be without a touch of whimsy.
Although form must follow function when it comes to building nests, little
flights of fancy are essential to the soul. Make room for imagination and
for small pleasures created simply to delight

taken from *country living* April 2000

August 18, 2005

'after all * tomorrow is another day'

in those most famous words of ms*scarlett

I am off to bed after a truly dreadful day. after all the dramas of the bike accident, we received word today that ms*sophie had fallen while skiing and had severe tissue damage to her wrist * no breaks * thank Heaven. Her wrist is now strapped and she is taking pain meds * she will be home tomorrow. I just laughed hysterically when I heard like a woman demented.....they must have thought I was nuts

the oh dear start to my day

ok, had a shower...cup of tea and put a load of washing on. Then I walked around my garden for a few mins....a bad start to the day this morning. You know? One of those days when you haven't slept all night because of possums having a party on the roof, so you get up and all you see is where you have unpacked the china cabinet, to move it and were too tired last night to repack, so here it is all on the floor still waiting for you to do it. The fire didnt stay alight over night so the house is quite chilly... no chicken feed left, so you have to raid the pantry to feed them.... Mt Never End is in the laundry waiting .... and you go to get your underwear out of the drawer and you pull the whole drawer out and it falls with a crash to the floor..and of course you have to pick it all up.

so like I said......a walk around the garden, did wonders.... I feel a little better

daily grind of housekeeping

seems like housework is a very popular subject for blogging and I will admit.. I am a fairly new blogger but have been doing my housework for 30 years * oh my gosh*

so I dont feel like I am jumping on the trendy bandwagon.... so what is it about housework that makes alot of us want to tell the world about our daily housekeeping routines or lack of them? ?
For me, I think that finally, what I have always been doing has at last become recognised as important....wow ! other people are actually doing the same thing I do * they love their home & family like I do and others want to share it with me.

ms*amy @ only the berries has her say on how she feels about the daily grind that she faces and believe me * I can totally relate * however as I have said before I need routine... I cannot function without it. please take time to read her blogging ...what she says is so funny and I can see myself in her situation most days.....

I don't enjoy housework like I enjoy eating chocolate or how I enjoy my garden.... I enjoy it for what it gives me - the satisfaction of seeing my hard work finished and looking great. Then sitting back and enjoying it.

oh dear

seems like I woke this morning having one of those days........when everything seems bigger than it is and one more thing will tip you right over the edge. Off to have my cup of tea and see if I can shake this

August 17, 2005

for the AUDREY HEPBURN girls

thought you would like to have a peek at these

ms*robyn is.....

oohh yipee
You are Lauren Bacall. You started off as very shy
but with a little help, your roots come out.
You're an honest person and your values,
beliefs and convictions are very clear. You
love a good time, and you want security at
heart but you're ready for anything that comes
your way. You may also have an air of grace
about you, and more beauty than you'll ever
realize. But others will see it.

Which vintage movie star are you most like?(For girls)

thoughts on living

last night we went to some friends home for dinner * all very nice * delicious food * great fun.. however he has just retired at age 53 and they are now facing their future into their older years...so they have started up what they call their portfolio and are busy buying properties for investments... I am not business minded at all but they kept urging me to keep an eye on dear Joe's plan for our twilight years..honestly I am not interested... I trust him that way... I guess I am a simple soul as I told them that all I wanted when I get older and Joe retires is to be looked after * a lovely comfy home, home made bread on the table, lavender plants growing, a small garden, some chickens & hand knitted cardis... sitting on verandah with my soul mate.. rocking with a crochet blanket on my knee and visited from time to time by family and friends...I told them of an old german man who walks past my gate daily and stops for a chat.. he was a builder, has retired and said the other day.. as long as I can walk and have my fresh bread, I am happy. I want to be like that

they thought I was absolute nuts. Am I ????


woke up bright and early this morning..had my first cup of tea and unpacked my dishwasher. So many things not washed properly, so it was time to clean it out.... so I took the filters out. How on earth, do pieces of plastic, half toothpicks & other various bits and pieces make their way into the dishwasher? I ran a sink full of hot water and scrubbed each piece with a brush..rinsed them all and put it all back* hopefully in the right place.... I wiped all the rubbers and seals down..polished the front ... placed a cup full of bicarb soda in the bottom and now it is running through a cycle

the rest of the morning will be spent re-arranging and cleaning my lounge room in readiness for my new lounge ..then I am lighting a fire, taking a nap and reading some of *romancing the ordinary*

August 16, 2005

like grandma use to make ~ lunch box treats

taken from *like grandma use to make* on April 16 2005

this is an absolute all time favourite for my family and is very easy to make ... anytime you need a quick slice this is the one !

Chocolate slice
1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup coconut
1 tblsp. cocoa
185g (6oz) butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla

1 cup icing sugar
2 tblsp. cocoa
30g (1oz) butter
1 1/2 tblsp. hot water

method ~ sift dry ingredients into bowl, add melted butter and vanilla. mix well. press over base of greased slice tin ( 28cm X 18cm ~ 11" X 7") bake in moderate oven 20 mins. cool in tin ice with chocolate icing and cut into squares when icing has set

chocolate icing ~ sift icing sugar and cocoa into a small bowl. add melted butter and water. mix well until the icing is smooth and glossy

blogging business

I have decided not to allow anonymous comments. I also am still removing comments that may have links to websites that I don't want to be associated with...links to sewing or other vintage fun stuff are ok.... sound like the blogger police ? sorry

sharing my vintage home

after housekeeping yesterday, this picture on my bedroom wall kind of stood out.....thought I would share. I bought it from an antique shop * it had just arrived on a container from France. It is definately not an original, is stained and chipped but there is something about it that I drawn to.

August 15, 2005

sea shells

ms*kali @ enjoying the journey ~ had a trip to the seaside and found some great shells that she made a mobile with.
Which reminded me of some wonderful ideas to use those mementoes from sea side holidays. We had a cute little seaside holiday home, which we sold a few months ago and every time we went to stay, I would go for a walk to the 'shell graveyard' and bring back a lovely assortment of shells.
*put them in gorgeous old pressed glass bowls and place a tea light on the top ... *make a shell wreath to hang at the front door *a shell string that I have now hanging in the arbor *fill lovely old jars with them & sit them around your home..maybe a label to remind where they came from *another great idea that I saw in one of my many magazines ~ *find an old string bag, fill it with shells and hang from an old fence post in the garden ~ a touch of whimsy.
In my dining room, I have an old plastic colander full of my shells.. I will post some pictures later this week... I love to share my ideas..... we all get inspiration from each other....


lots to do today ! as usual I am cleaning the bathrooms, changing our bed sheets and vacuuming & dusting the bedroom. And as I have said many times.... it is the routine of it that keeps me sane and routine that keeps my home fresh
I wash my sheets in a 'green' detergent with a scoop of powdered borax * lavender oil in the rinse water and hang in the fresh air and sunshine to dry! I buy a wonderful water soluble lavender water from the supermarket * a few drops is plenty
I love to slip into bed on Monday nights... those lovely fresh, crisp & clean sheets.
Even during winter, I like to leave our french doors in our bedroom, open during the day * just to let the fresh air blow through * fresh air is always good! Fresh flowers on Mondays are a must in the bedroom * just a few picked from the garden.... and later in the afternoon I light a small tea light * either lavender or rose, turn on my Jesus lamp and it's ready for our night of pleasant dreams

off to the snow !

my girl ~ ms*sophie has just left for a trip to the snowy mountains with her school. They call it a leadership camp ~ where they participate in skiing, rock climbing & other challenges for year 11 & 12. First stop Canberra then the Snowy Mountains Hydro scheme and onto Cooma. They will be skiing at * Thredbo and Smiggins Holes. She will be away for 5 days
have fun sweetie

August 14, 2005

Sunday school ~ August 14

brown*paper*parcels ~ memories are made of this

from brown-paper-parcels on April 23 2005 *

I remember when I was a little girl about 6 or so and my mum took me to the local school fete. I won two prizes on hoopla ~ one was a brooch with small violets and the other ~ just a saucer..no cup. I was absolutely thrilled ! It was so dainty, with tiny little flowers and gold rim. I felt so lucky to own such a treasure and even back then I remember feeling those heart pulls to times past. I went to put it in my bag and it missed the opening and fell to the floor. I was devastated, here it was just smashed into pieces. I sat and cried and cried with the pieces in my hands. I have a passion for old chipped saucers now ~ am I mad ? no just sentimental

*sit your favourite bottle of lavender hand wash on a pretty floral saucer *hang 3 on a wall ~ vertically *have stacks of saucers just sitting around your home ~looking pretty *burn tea lights on pretty saucers *use unmatched cups and saucers for your pampering tray

through the blogging glass

this looks like fun! a vintage swap ~ join in but make sure you read the *rules* first !!

vintage swap

August 13, 2005

being grateful ~ August 13

I have lots to be grateful for but today - I want to say thankyou for my dear Joe & my children. Just knowing that they are part of my life....makes me feel so good


when will the first snowdrops pop up?
who will spot the first robin redbreast?
how long till the cherry blossoms shower down?
*this much we know : spring is worth waiting for*

vintage gardening ~ August 13

have lots planned in my garden today ~ a trip to the nursery this morning to buy some cottage plants... kind of refurbishing some of the gardens..
at my back gate there is a garden with a climbing rose on a trellis * I am planning on replanting that whole garden, leaving the rose of course but adding lots of feverfew * hollyhocks * rose campion and some other lovely perennials. * then from the back gate - I have a winding brick path to the back door...you walk through the arbor that dear Joe built me for an anniversary * along the path on one side, I have a rose garden with about 6 roses * all old-fashioned of course ! * and a mandarin tree planted ~ I want to plant society garlic all around my this garden and some *pinks* along the edge of my gardenia garden, which is right near the back step . After the windy weather of this week, I have lots of mulching to do as well.
I love this time of year in the nurseries...all the new seedlings in readiness for spring ... I need to get the garden right up to scratch for ms*louisa's wedding... she will probably have some photos taken in my garden before she leaves for the church..so I want lots of pretties...

August 12, 2005

housekeeping ~ August 12

do you ever have days, when you wake up and realize that your house is *OUT OF CONTROL* ? well, today is one of those days for me. Oh, I know I have an excuse for it being totally disgusting but that doesn't help the demented feeling that I have right now. Most of the house is clean and tidy but my kitchen, dear readers ~ oh my, too messy for words...the dishwasher needs to be put on two days ago... washing up is on the sink...floor needs washing & serious scrubbing of my benches needs to be done..... oh and the fridge ? Well there is stuff in there, that I swear was put there at Christmas......during this past week, I have only superficially looked after my home....so today - it's on with my rubber gloves...lots of hot water, detergent and peppermint oil and scrub a dub, dub!

my vintage bookshelf

I have a dog-eared copy of this on my bookshelf which was my son's when he was little...funnily enough I hadn't read it til then ..30 years ago!

When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but
REALLY loves you, then you become Real.

August 11, 2005

in the mail box ~ August 11

what fun to arrive home from the hospital to find an envelope all the way from America.... a gorgeous card from my friend ms*melissa ~ a newsy note as well as some delightful pictures for my journal.... berries and redwork...thanks so much, it made my day!

housekeeping ~ August 11

oh my ! I am so behind in my housekeeping this week* with all that has happened. This morning I am going to vaccum & dust my lounge and sitting rooms. Sometimes, when *life happens* the home can feel neglected... and I guess it probably is to a certain extent... but a puttering clean.... dusting & contemplating...then lighting favourite tea lights..maybe a small posy of flowers in a sweet old vase.....bringing fond memories ..... that to me is home!

the patient

my dear Joe had his operation yesterday. The surgeon had to put a titanium plate over the break. He had to stay over night in hospital & I will go and get him sometime today. Thanks so much for all the well wishes......


the number one priority in making a house a home is to do
what you please *
make mementos visible rather than stuffed in closets. it's
ok to make your home look like a scrap book if that's what makes you happy
* then you can look at it all the time

author - Charlotte Moss * the poetry of home

August 10, 2005

winter ~ August 10

just before I go to bed, I just had to let you all know that it is snowing !!! My fire is all stoked up and hopefully it will go all night so that I will wake to a warm cosy home in the morning.

August 09, 2005

*happy birthday*

Sophie Jean
born August 9 1989
sweet 16
it has been said a daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend
but you are immeasurably more than just a friend
you are a special treasure * a gift from God

August 08, 2005

Sunday school ~ August 8

sorry its late ....but life happens..... enjoy !

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans

remember the bath, home-made pizza and movie that I had planned for Sunday night? well - that didn't happen. Instead, I spent the night in emergency dept. of our local hospital. My dear sweet husband, had a motor bike accident and his wrist is broken. He has to have a pin put in sometime this week and has a plaster on which will be part of our life for at least 8 weeks. Worse thing is that it is his right hand and he is a builder.... so now we have to work out who is going to do his work for him. He also has a gash on his shin that they couldn't stitch as it has a huge chunk out of it. He is so lucky that he is alive as it was a head on with a car ( he was in the right) and his guardian angels were definately watching over him yesterday
I grew up around the speedway- seeing many accidents resulting in either death or severe disablities and I was not in favour of my dear buying a bike. Needless to say, after this ...he is selling the bike.

brown*paper*parcels ~ childhood dreams

from brown-paper-parcels April 21st, 2005 ~

when I was a little girl, I loved to cook ~ oh not ordinary cooking - NO! I would whip up the most amazing mud pies for my dollies. I would set up an afternoon tea and serve the most amazingly decorated mud pies..decorated with lovely flowers from my dad's garden.......time went on and I became a mum and loved to cook for my first born ~ yummy things like broccoli and spinach ~ just what every little two year old loves to eat.
I love to have a huge pot of my nan's beef and barley soup simmering on my stove during winter and I love to cook real rolled oats for breakfast

Nothing gives me more pleasure than cooking up a storm and inviting family and friends over for lunch or dinner ~ I put my Edith Piaf music on and sing away in french ( have no idea what I am singing ) and whip up a storm............ YES I did want to be a chef

August 07, 2005

vintage gardening ~ August 7th

ahhh, a day spent in my garden * does wonders for my soul. I got out into my garden by 10am this morning ~ cutting down a few out of control shrubs , weeding and pruning. Then I put another seeper hose in a garden , weeded the garden then put a layer of lucerne hay onto it. I have decided to go back to using the lucerne ~ after trying pea straw & sugar cane mulch ~ the lucerne is just so much better. It is a little more expensive but the results are worth it. The worms love it and it puts lots of nutrients into the soil as well as conserving the water.
I also spent about an hour in my vegie garden, generally tidying up..in readiness for spring vegie planting.
I finished about 3pm and am just thinking about having a lovely bath with my rose petal bath salts.....then home made pizza for dinner and a movie!

Alice and her mad hatters tea party

A good time had by all. I was absolutely exhausted by the end but it was fun and all the *kids* were really lovely, well mannered young people. Their parents should be proud.
We decorated the table with confetti, which ended up all through my house. Now I understand why it is forbidden at most churches and public places. However, it is all vacuumed up now, I think. I have posted a few pics today, with a few more to come later on.

August 06, 2005

childhood is a journey not a race

Today* my youngest is having a birthday party. She turns 16 next Tuesday and she is a gorgeous girl. So she wanted to have a birthday party today with her friends. When she was 6, we held an *Alice in Wonderland ~ tea party* for her and she wanted to repeat it 10 years later....she has done alot of organizing.... for the tea party, she has everyone wearing either a hat or coming dressed as a character out of the book. She, of course is Alice. We have lots of different flavoured teas...lots of yummy cakes & biscuits (cookies) * sandwiches and some small quiche.
They are playing flamingo croquet * and will the watch the original Disney Alice cartoon.
I admire these young people who are quite happy to celebrate in this way...... some aren't coming as its not cool. How sad * which made me remember the title of my post ~ CHILDHOOD IS A JOURNEY, NOT A RACE

August 05, 2005

brown*paper*parcels ~ vintage love stories

taken from brown paper parcels on April 21st 2005
a legend today

the wedding quilt ~ be quick

I have uploaded a few of the wedding quilt photos onto the flikr. They will be there til Sunday afternoon as ms*louisa has no computer access this weekend. Sadly, I will have to delete them on Sunday, well at least until after the wedding. I would love you to have a look and if you would like to comment...please do * but as she has not seen the quilt..I ask that no reference be made to the exact design....... so sorry about the rules but I really do want it to be a total surprise

blogging business ~ August 5

I reserve the right to remove posts that I am not comfortable with or websites that are not within keeping with my way of life. I know I may sound like the blogging police however, I view my blog as a family friendly one * my children may read it....... I accept that some out there may have a need to get their inner most thought down somewhere ~ but I feel that some should be kept private. So please forgive me if you find that your comment *however innocent* has been removed ~ it may have a link to somewhere I dont want some of my readers to access.

through the blogging glass

another wonderful blog I found *somehow* ..maybe some of you have seen it as it seems we are all linked somehow along the blogging line ~ like minded ? maybe !
this one has lots of wonderful muffin recipes ~
praise her in the gates

sharing my vintage home

remember these ? I know alot of people collect them but this one is so special as the beads around the edge were from the one my paternal grandma *florence emily* used every day. I had my first mother in law crochet the middle for me about 28 years ago ( the dear has died and gone to heaven - God bless her) and she crocheted the beads into the edging for me. I remember as a child, sitting at the little pine table in my grandma's house and playing with the beads around hers. They are glass and not one is perfect

August 04, 2005

good night

good night sleep tight
*don't let those bed bugs bite*
Wake up bright
In the morning light
To do what's right
With all your might.

to all my readers ~ have a wonderfully restful sleep OR a gorgeous day ~ depending on where you are X X

through the blogging glass

sometimes I just can't help myself ! peeking at other peoples favourite blogs ~ sometimes I am pleasantly surprised ~ take for instance this gorgeous blog windows to our world that I found via Alice ~ the pictures are just as I imagined that Heidi would have seen when she lived with the Alm uncle in Switzerland

living ~ August 4

off to my patchwork group today ! A lovely trip to Blackheath. I finished putting the border on *the wedding quilt* so I will work on that. Wish I could share the pictures but ms*louisa sometimes drops in here and she hasn't seen the quilt ~ it is gorgeous though and maybe I will eventually work out a way to share.

August 03, 2005

brown*paper*parcels ~ memories are made of this

from brown paper parcels on April 20th, 2005. I wrote

I just can't get by with out my mum ~ I have been using this deodorant since.... EVER ! When I first used it, it came as a cream deodorant, in a lovely white jar with a pink and white lid *roll ons and sprays hadn't been invented then*. Of course my mum hoarded one of these in an old suitcase just because that is what you do! I have it in my bathroom ~ just because it's pink and vintage !
and I really can't get by with out my mum

words to ponder

When road blocks * locked gates and unexpected turns
sprout up along the path we've mapped out
then we can quit on the spot and progress no further.
Or we can build a new path and follow it in whatever directions our imagination takes us.
For those who dream, the choice is simple

taken from *Country Living* September 2001

August 02, 2005

ms*louisa's wedding ~ August 2

over the weekend ms*louisa and her betrothed *garth* came over and we chatted about wedding music ~ what music to have when walking into the reception * when they cut the cake * throwing the garter & for the bridal 'waltz' ( more like shuffle)
here is a list of songs that they have chosen to be played at various times during the reception:

Amazing - Alex Lloyd
She - Charles Aznovour
L.O.V.E - Nat King Cole
Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Dream a Little Dream of Me - Mama's and Papa's
Make Someone Happy - Jimmy Durante
I've Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
Dreams - The Cranberries
Only You - The Platters
Woman - John Lennon
Everlasting Love - ?

she is walking down the aisle to *pachabels canon*

early morning business

on blogging ~ I have a few favourite blogs that I visit & sometimes find others by following links..... you would not believe where I sometimes end up...dropping in and posting a message or blushing at some things I read...or even shaking my head at some of the odd things people blog about......
I have quite a few that I regularly visit and later today , I think I will add them to my sidebar here....it is nice to introduce them to my visitors
am I the only one who gets *tickled pink* when some one takes the time to comment? *thanks*

also ~ I have added a flikr link to my pictures ~ take a peek when you have time..and I will be updating them often...

daily life ~ Aug 2

today, I am having a few friends over for morning tea. I am making an apple and cinnamon cake which I havent tried before.....which is probably a dumb thing to do but hey ! lets throw caution to the wind and take a chance. I love having morning tea with friends...it usually ends up being a few hours of chatting and laughter.
Hopefully, after that I will go for a nice long walk and then a little gardening in the afternoon ~ just a lazy day

August 01, 2005

memories are made of this ~ August 1

Sunday school ~
I attended Sunday school when I was a little girl & each week we would have to learn and recite a bible verse..if we did it correctly we would receive a little card that we could stick in our book. On our birthdays we would be given a little card wall plaque with a bible verse on it and always a gorgeous picture * usually flowers. I was cleaning out my photos over the weekend and found my mum's bible card book as well as many of the wall cards. I am lucky enought to have a large collection of my own, my mums and even some of my dear Nans and I thought maybe it would be a lovely idea to share them here....so every Sunday, I will put one for the week......

oh, I know it's not Sunday but I just couldn't wait til next week ! enjoy !

brown*paper*parcels ~ memories are made of this

from brown paper parcels on April 17, 2005, I wrote:

when I was a teenager, Dolly (the magazine) was first published. There was an article on 'grandmas beauty tips'. Of course being the vintage girl that I was/am I grabbed it ..and tried a couple.
The first was to use an egg in your hair to make it shine . I whipped the egg up, washed my hair and massaged the egg mix through. However I mustn't have rinsed it out properly and all that day, I could smell rotten egg !!
another one was to use a blackened match for mascara. Oh this is great I thought.... so I lit a match blew it out ( we dont want to set our lashes on fire now, do we? ) and put it to my eyelashes.. of course it was still hot and my eyelashes sizzled... not a good sight . how funny though !!!!

housekeeping ~ Aug 1

I am washing, washing, washing today ! amazing how much washing this household has.
I wash my tea towels every Monday. I have a bucket in my pantry and put used tea towels in it during the week & on Sunday night, I soak them in borax & hot water, ready to wash first thing Monday morning. I wash them in warm water, detergent and another scoop of borax..rinsed in vinegar and lavender water.

I have just finished hanging them on the line and noticed that I have quite a few stains on many of them...which got me thinking about the humble teatowel.
Only yesterday I said to ms*louisa that I would love to throw all my tea towels out and buy 18 brand new ones, all matching. And I was going to....but the practical, frugal side of me, just can't do it. Oh, I know it is nice to have brand new, pretty things, to spoil myself silly. But after being used once in this household, they inevitably will end up with the assorted stains ~ where some one spilled a cup of tea..and we grab a tea towel to mop it up. Gravy marks from grandsons' *master Jack* hand after he has eaten grandma's roast lamb.....red wine from a night spent with good friends, laughing and of course spilling the wine when we have to express ourselves with waving hands & the various stains from using them as pot holders * as I am sure every one does * So, I think I will stay with my mismatched collection of stained tea towels........ very clean but life worn.