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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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Location: Katoomba, NSW, Australia

here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

January 31, 2006

just life stuff

do you plan your week's menu? Gina patra's other place does......... which got me thinking. You see, I don't have a huge freezer, I have a two door fridge/freezer which is fine for most things but I can't fit a cow in there, so I buy my meat/chicken/fish almost daily. And it works for me. I usually plan my menu and always have the staples in my pantry. But I also don't have a microwave (I don't want one) nor do I have a cappucino machine, which in my book is an absolute necessity and is on my must have before I die list......

the not so ugly duckling

warning proud mum here ! ms*sophie - my baby. sweet 16. yesterday, she finally had her braces removed *after many years of dental work and many hard earned dollars spent on her million dollar mouth so that her orthodontist could afford his luxury holiday and car * I swear, I could hear that cash register chinking every time I walked through that door - anyhow here she is - all that time was worth it. And today, she starts year 11 - her first year of senior high school. Best of luck, sweetie * remember follow your dreams, they are the inspiration for your life * mum xoxo

January 28, 2006

being ourselves

in blog land or internet world, whatever you may wish to call it - are we being 'ourselves' ? I read somewhere that we can be who ever we want when in blogland or chat forums. Does that mean I can be Michelle Pfeiffer or Diane Keaton? I can't talk for everyone but I think I am being true when I write. I am a nutter, I am a routine girl and I absolutely do live vintage, when I can - if I can use something that has a history instead of new - I do. Of course sometimes I have to buy new stuff - like food - I don't think I would ever serve vintage food up to anyone - the fresher the better for me. oh and I always buy new underwear ! !
However - I can get quite annoyed sometimes - at different things and you better watch out. I am like a fisherman's wife !!!! thankfully this only happens at full moon or there abouts. There is a full moon every week, isn't there? and sometimes I can be quite intolerant and impatient. Gee, even when ms*sophie was a little girl, she thought my favourite flower was 'impatiens'....... I get cross and stamp my feet lots, truly I do. But mostly what you read here is truly me - ms*robyn

January 27, 2006

all ashore ! !

I will never be able to tell you just how much we did see * but here are some of the highlights. I have also downloaded some more pictures * with more still to come * go here: the cruise

we sailed from Sydney to Melbourne then onto Burnie in Tasmania. Had a great time in Burnie - what a friendly little town that was. Then we sailed across to Milford Sound in New Zealand. That has to be one of THE most stunning areas in the world. Our ship sailed around the sound for an hour or so then we set sail up the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. A gorgeous gorgeous place. Ports we called into included
Dundedin - a gorgeous town similar they say to Edinburgh although alot smaller, gorgeous homes & gardens.
Christchurch - lovely place & we went to some terrific markets.
Picton - probably one of my favourite ports of call and we went to a farm where we saw sheepdogs in action. The farmer had actually broken his leg a few weeks before and was in a wheelchair. He controlled the dog with a small whistle, that's all and the dog obeyed each blast, knowing just what to do.
Napier - a wonderful art-deco sea-side town * I bought some great pottery & in the afternoon we did a tour of wineries.
Then onto Tauranga where we took a tour to Rotorua - this is where the hot springs & guysers are. Amazing place. We also saw a Maori performance - they are gorgeous people.

One thing I did love was a shop I found in New Zealand called Trade Aid. They sell lots of gorgeous things from developing countries. These are all manufactured with out child labour. Fair trade coffee and cocoa are two of the things I bought as well as a gorgeous rug and a set of salad servers.
Oh, I know I saw lots more but it is so hard to put it into words ...so this little post plus the pictures will give you an idea of my holiday.

lucky me

look what my friends from patchwork gave me for my birthday !

January 26, 2006

Australia Day

My grandpa always said - don't discuss politics or religion with friends and I try to adhere to that advice most times but I am a royalist & I won't apologzie for that - many don't agree with me but each to their own. That is what makes our country such a wonderful place to live - we can all have our own opinions and mostly it is accepted without too much arguing. So to all my Australian friends - have a wonderful holiday today and wave our flag with pride.
Pictured here are my two grandsons - Jack on the left & Thomas on the right. Enjoying an icecream at grandmas (that's me), the day after we arrived home from our cruise. Priceless, don't you think?

January 25, 2006

*happy birthday*

at East Stonehouse * Devon
loved my Pa !!

little ship of horrors

and here I have you all thinking that life on board is simply wonderful. Now don't get me wrong, it is. EXCEPT for sea-sickness, which struck me as soon as we sailed out of Sydney Heads. Sitting being served dinner on that first night, trying to be very elegant and worldly, I went green and started feeling very odd and clammy. So I raced to my stateroom ( oh they don't call them cabins on this ship!) and grabbed the ginger travel tablets and downed them with a glass of water - waited an hour or two and still felt absolutely dreadful. So Joe went and got some sea-sickness pills from the main desk. Which promptly put me to sleep. They did help but unfortunately I had to take them for the first two days, so I spent most of my time sleeping or in a dazed and confused kind of state. But I wasn't the only one who felt like this - walking on deck the next day, I saw many green people asleep on the deck chairs. Poor things. It is such an awful feeling, let me tell you.

January 24, 2006

in the garden

I haven't been in the vegetable garden since I returned home, too scared actually. After my son said that the snails had been rampant while I was away, I was just too down hearted to even venture near it until this morning. It wasn't as bad as I had expected. Oh, yes the snails had feasted on my bean plants, leaving only sticks where I had left lush bonaparte bean plants & they had a little nibble of nearly every zucchini. But my pumpkin is flourishing & my potatoes are nearly ready to dig up. AND I have lots & lots of tomatoes. So I pulled the beans, zucchinis & the capsicum which didn't do alot this year, tied the tomatoes up and generally gave the whole vegie garden a tidy up. Then (and I have no idea what possessed me) I decided to move my compost heap from one corner to another. 'Joe' I said 'would you mind just giving me hand for a min?' explaining to him what I wanted to do - move some tin and hammer in the star pickets 'it won't take long' I said. hmmm - wrong. but then I realized that to move the compost bin I would also have to move the wire leaf bin that I have for my autumn leaves and while we were at it, we may as well move the spring mattress base that I use to grow my climbing beans on. Two hours later it was done & all I had to do was put the leaves back into my leaf compost bin and fix the carpet that I have on my paths(I use this to keep weeds down) . It is looking quite wonderful, all ready for autumn planting. but just one thing - what is it with the growth spurt that happens in a garden while the owner is away on holidays? Not just weeds, but trees & plants as well. Do the plants sit there waiting til you drive out the gate & yell 'she's gone* quick! drink down this organic growth fertilizer, we feel growth spurt coming on' - is that what happens? I can just see it ! !

day to day life on board

ok - so I have set the scene! what life was like on board ? Meal times were amazing. We usually ate at the Lido restaurant which was kind of like a buffet. The Rotterdam restaurant was full silver service with a 5 course meal, we did try this once or twice but found it was just way too much food to be eating 3 times a day.

all kinds of bread * plus crackers; 5 or 6 cereals to choose from plus muesli or porridge; platters of fruit; platters of cold meats and smoked salmon; eggs any style*bacon & sausage; omelletes with any filling; french toast and maple syrup; orange, cranberry, apple or pineapple juices; tea & coffee

all kinds of bread; caesar salad plus a selection of salad foods; cold meats & smoked salmon; a choice of two pasta dishes; a choice of two stir frys or a roast;choice of two soups sandwiches made to your liking; juices tea & coffee; a choice of 5 desserts plus a choice of 4 different icecreams
all kinds of bread; salads; a choice of 5 appetizers; a choice of 5 mains; a choice of two soups plus the choice of desserts as at lunch time

each day we had different choices and never was a choice repeated. And if we didn't like anything at this restaurant, we could always toddle off to the poolside burger bar, where they served pizza, burgers and tacos all day. And anytime we wanted a snack, we could take as many freshly baked cookies as we wished * peanut butter or choc chip*

when day 2 arrived, I decided that I didn't need to taste everything. I didn't want to roll down the gangplank when I got home. So I paced myself and did alot of deck walking - and as I walked the deck, I thought of those elegant days when steam ships were popular. Imagining people in their finery walking just as I was *although I was in my totally un-elegant joggers*

Each morning we would get up and go off to breakfast, when we came back our room was transformed * new towels, bathroom all nice and cleaned and our bed was made, fresh ice in the ice bucket, clean glasses and fresh fruit* our cabin steward *yudi* was our own personal genie and a gorgeous young man. He made our stay just perfect.
I have uploaded a couple of pictures
the cruise ship

January 23, 2006

day to day life on board

let me begin by telling you about how scrumptious the ship was.The Statendam ~ a virtual 5 star floating hotel. Chandeliers everywhere, fresh flowers wherever you turned. 5 restaurants - including an award winning a-la-carte. Pianos and a two-storey stage theatre plus a cinema that seated about 100. An art gallery and a casino. There was a library with lots of books *music-chairs where you sat in the most comfortable chair that had earphones connected to a library of music and you could create your own list to listen too while watching the sea through huge windows.*two pools plus two spa pools * a gym and a beauty salon - oh the list goes on and on.
There was a walk around deck where you could walk 4 times around and you had walked a mile - very good to do after all the scrummy food.
Our room was lovely although one thing that I didn't like was that it didn't have a window, so you never knew if it was night or day. But it was roomy and very clean. Egyptian cotton sheets and duck down pillows, a lounge to sit on and a table to have a cup of tea if you wished, plus 24hr room service that was included. A fresh bowl of fruit was delivered each day. does that sound wonderful ?? ohh there is more to come.

after a lovely sleep - housekeeping & all that jazz

thanks so much for the warm welcome home! I did have a wonderful time though and there is so much to tell. I am not sure how to go about it without having a long rambling post...so please be patient til I work out how I will do it.
I have visited many blogs since getting up and there is alot to catch up on - can't wait!
obviously we have had torrential rain here - my garden is out of control and it seems like the garden is very moist with some of my mulch being washed off the garden bed. I hope to re mulch this week so that I can trap all that moisture in the ground. Last night when I arrived home, there was a little frog sitting on my step * I got quite excited about that as frogs are on the decline here & having a frog means that my garden is healthy and balanced. I have already been out in the garden this morning, pottering - lots to do !! the parrots have destroyed my apple crop unfortunately but there should be enough to make one apple pie.
loads & loads of washing and I will attack that methodically over the next few days. shopping to do as I am like Old Mother Hubbard right now - my cupboards are completely bare. I can't wait to see my grandsons, I have a few little bits for them from my trip.
as much as it is fun to go away, isn't it odd, just how lovely it is to come home to our nest? to walk in the door and sigh - *ahh, I am home*

January 22, 2006

helllloooooo ??? any one there ? ?

yep, I am back. tired and relaxed. huh ?? well ya see, it is 11.30 pm Sunday night here in Australia and 1.30am Monday by my body clock. Which means that I should be in bed. Just wanted to let you all know I am home and CAN'T wait to catch up with your blogs and tell you all about my time away. ooh and some photos to share. so nighty night for now. oooh you just don't know how much I have missed the fun we have here ! !

January 07, 2006

there's a boat dat's leavin soon'

yes ! it's today I leave- we sail from Circular Quay at 6pm. Dolly will be waving as I sail by. And of course I am on the computer before I go * whatever am I going to do without having a computer for 14 days? oh, I know there are computers available onboard but I don't think I could limit myself to just half an hour here or there! we shall see....

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.
Louisa May Alcott

January 06, 2006

for you

thankyou for everything! for the Christmas cards that I forgot to mention * for all the wonderful birthday cards and birthday wishes * for the support over the past few days in which I was humbled to realize just how many friends I have made * and thankyou for your friendship * I am going to miss you all so!!!

what a lovely idea !

have found some wonderful vintage-type ideas while I have been journalling.

find some vintage bottles * some pages from old books or letters * vintage stamps & vintage ribbons. cut a label out of the pages, glue it to the bottle along with a stamp. Tie a gorgeous little bow around the rim and use for a bud vase. exquisite

January 05, 2006

the hornets nest

i had a nana nap ! and woke to find lots of comments - thankyou - seems I really did open a hornets nest. but this morning I did have an 'oh dear' day - don't have them often. And please be assured that not one of the blogging neighbourhood was the poor soul who I was referring too. I just had to vent and unfortunately you dear gals were the ones who stumbled across the vent. but thanks so much - love & kisses xox

mmmwah! thanks for the counselling

ok, so I spat the dummy ( which means in aussie that we had a hissy fit) ..... and I feel better - better that I did it and better for you gals and your advice. Have dealt with what I had to - deleted a few things from my favourites and off I go ! you gals are the best, really you are.

oh dear ! ms*robyn

yes * I wear my heart on my sleeve * and yes I get upset if I offend someone * and yes, I hate if someone doesn't like me and I hate it even more when I am not accepted into a 'clique'. That's me and sometimes, just sometimes, stuff happens and I feel like walking away from the web. I have met many wonderful gals through blogging and feel so blessed for each friendship I have made. I just need to 'harden my shell' as my grandma sometimes told me. yes gals, I am having an 'oh dear' day !

I am sailing

or is that cruising? however - I will be on a big ship which is leaving Sydney this Saturday 7th * Off to New Zealand for 14 days firstly visiting Melbourne then across to Burnie in Tasmania then over to New Zealand til January 21 * flying home on January 22nd. Amazing that I will be in places where some of you live but unfortunately probably won't meet up with you.
I am not going to bore you with all the details of the cruise - however I will tell you that I have packed : my new illustrated discovery journal * a notebook to just write down stuff in my head, cause if I don't it will be gone, never to be heard of again * my gratitude journal and a colouring in book and a brand new packet of derwent pencils. I think it will be fun to colour in when I am just sitting, relaxing. I have also packed some of my new sewing project - applique squares for yet another quilt I am making. I am not sure if I will get any of these things done, but it is good to have it with me just incase.

oh and of course I will pack my copy of *simple abundance*

January 04, 2006

my boy

my boy is now a man - a husband and a dad to two little boys. He is a volunteer bush fire fighter and today he was called out to a fire burning out of control in the west of NSW - he will be gone for 5 days, so I won't get to see him before I sail on Saturday. He came to say bye to me this morning. I am so proud of him! But when do we stop worrying about our children?

the journal of ms*robyn

so just what is an illustrated discovery journal? hmmm please don't ask me as I truly don't know. I first heard about it from Alison at brocantehome.An idea from Simple Abundance.It is just something that sounds like lots of fun & a simple pastime - very childlike. So off I went a day or two ago and found myself a little book with handmade paper pages. And I decorated the front cover and created a title page. I am really not sure where it is going or what I will be doing in it. So far, just a few favourite pictures - ones that touch my soul every time I look at them. My problem is that I get so hung up about 'doing things right'.... I need to let go. Oh and the fact that I find it hard to cut up magazines that I love.

divine reality
alison's illustrated discovery journal

i LOvE

cupcakes !!!!
"A cupcake can be more than just a quick treat. Presented in the right setting, it can bring back memories of visits to Grandma's house and birthdays with best friends"

make a cupcake pincushion

bake your own ! * cupcake recipe

through the blogging glass

ms*flossy has is new to blogging.
Another australian gal
pop in and say hi - she is a delight to know !!
ms*flossy at amethyst grove

January 03, 2006


the beginning of the New Year - no work at all done on my birthday & Jan 2nd this year was a public holiday here....so I start my housekeeping today and lots to catch up on as I haven't really done any cleaning at all since before Christmas ! shame on me..... so I am actually really looking forward to getting my pink gloves on, rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck into a mini spring clean [is that sad?] * I am going to strip the sheets on our bed * let the bed air all day while I give both bathrooms a good scrub. Once that is done I am going to smudge the rooms with a sage stick - it is something I like to do each New Year. I guess you could think that I sound like a bit of a nutter ! I have no idea why I do this, I just like the ceremonial ritual I guess. Many cultures & religions have used herbs for hundreds of years to clear negativity and 'evil spirits' and I like to think I am clearing the space from all last years negative stuff to make room for the wonderfully simple year that I am going to have. You know, I am actually feeling very excited about this year - I am truly looking forward to getting my house in to order, getting all the hand washing done & puttering. I can't wait to start my gratitude journal all over & have just started my illustrated discovery journal - what a fun year this will be !


dear ms*alice ~ wishing you a very happy birthday! Hope your day is as special as you are *
birthday wishes at alice's place

January 02, 2006

hurry up !!

quick !! hurry yourselves down to the supermarket * cause if you don't you may miss out on the easter eggs & hot cross buns that they have there right this very minute - oh please !!!! what next ??

January 01, 2006

*happy birthday*

ROBYN ANN (without an E)
born January 1 * 1958
yes ! I am a New Year's baby ! actually due December 25th, 1957 but that day came and went and still no sign of me. So my mum packed up and went to my darling Nan's on New Year's Eve 1957 and the pains started....... so off she trotted to the hospital and was told to 'try and wait for a few hours - so that she could give birth to the first baby born in 1958 ! Just what you want to be told when in labour ! Midnight came and went, still no sign of me and by this time the hospital was in phone contact with another hospital in Sydney and they had a woman about to give birth as well. So the race started and my mother was told to 'hurry up' . I can just imagine what my mother was thinking by this time. However - time went on and I was born at 5am on January 1st * 1958. Beaten by 3 mins by that other baby * who just happened to be male*. He of course had his picture taken for the magazine - 'Women's Weekly'. My mother received a lovely baby bundle as well as a pair of bootees for her 'effort'
I arrived weighing in at 6lbs 11 3/4 ozs.
I still have to tag that was tied around my wrist with all the info on it !
'How simply vintage'



a Happy New Year to each of you !!!!