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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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Location: Katoomba, NSW, Australia

here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

June 29, 2005

words to ponder

to live content with small means;
To seek elegance rather than luxury and refinement rather than fashion;
To be worthy, not respectable and wealthy not rich;
to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages with an open heart;
to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word - to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common.
This is to be my symphony

William Ellery Channing ( 1780-1842)

June 28, 2005

in the mail box ~ June 28

isn't it a wonderful feeling to go to the mail box and find a letter ? One that is not a bill or junk mail. Well today I received a little gift from someone that I have become friends with on the internet ~ through the vintage housekeepers. Some people are just so thoughtful ~ thankyou so much ms*kali ~ I wonder how you knew that St. Therese was my chosen saint? fate or grace? I would say by grace. I believe that nothing in this life happens by chance.
Remember years ago before emails - when people actually sat to write a short note? I had many penfriends and it was always a delight to send a letter to them and wait for a reply. Emails are great for instant contact but letter writing is so much more personnal ~ little things to show you care.

June 27, 2005

the winter rose

late this afternoon, I went for a wander around my garden, in the misty rain. It is just divine to walk in mist ~ I spotted some of my winter roses blooming and thought it would be nice to have a few to brighten my hall stand so here they are in an old cream bottle ~ the garden always delights whatever the season ~

housekeeping ~ June 27

another lovely wet and misty day today ~ cleaned the bathrooms, changed the sheets and tried to get the verandah tidied * it is so cold out though, not pleasant to be out trying to sweep cobwebs down ~ spiders lace my grandmas use to call it.
I usually buy my weekly fruit & vegetables at the supermarket but today I went into a little local fruit shop, only small and not a large variety but it was so quaint..all the little pears in a basket and lots of organic produce. I bought some wonderful kipfler potatoes for dinner and a few of the pears that looked so cute * they are now sitting in a gorgeous pressed glass stand looking delightful. I often do that ~ buy fruit to decorate with ~ it gives the home an abundant look * well I think so!
then this afternoon, I snuggled under a crochet blanket and read for an hour.

June 26, 2005

living ~ June 26

the past few days have been quite busy ~ I did try to buy the fruit for the wedding cake but it is no where to be found, so I must go to the local organic co-op and buy the individual dried fruits that I need. It will make a better cake anyhow, being organic.
Today is a snuggly day ~ its wet and cold ! ahh the garden is sighing in relief with the rain. I think I will try to put the border on the wedding quilt and maybe watch an old movie. I really need to get those verandahs sorted out again..what a never ending chore that is....soup and a warm loaf of bread for lunch today !

June 22, 2005

housekeeping ~ June 22

Once again Wednesday, so I vacuumed,dusted and puttered in the lounge and sitting rooms. I would love to get a new lounge ~ the old original 1930's club lounge looks absolutely wonderful but it is the most uncomfortable beast I have ever sat in. I am sure it is full of sand. Just not sure which way I want to go with the lounge ~ leaning towards a comfy sofa and a few mismatched armchairs. I would love the lounge to be red and chairs in yellow, verdi blue and a few patterns. I really want to make some more cushions - lots of them - inviting, comfortable kind of cushions * cushions we can hold when watching a sad movie * cushions that we can have little naps on when we need to ..I just need to find some gorgeous patterns. I cleaned the fire place out and relit the fire in readiness for this week's cold weather. I am thoroughly enjoying the cold...maybe snow tonight !!!

June 21, 2005


" our house was not unsentient matter - it had a heart & a soul and eyes to see with; and approvals and solicitudes and deep sympathies; it was of us and we were in its confidence and lived in its grace and in the peace of its benedictions. We never came home from an absence that its face did not light up and speak out eloquent welcome - and we could not enter it unmoved" - SAMUEL CLEMENS

scenarios in my head

I often have little plays in my head ~ mostly I am the star and they are usually about ordinary everyday life * with a twist ~ take for instance last week, I was driving up to Katoomba * a place where I would love to live ~ it's cold, alternate and quirky.... I drove past a block of home units built in the 1930's - painted pink and I looked up and noticed a balcony full of my kind of stuff ~ birdhouses, plants and other kitschy things and off my mind wandered. Mind you I was still driving !!! I 'saw' myself dressed in a skirt, bright tights and my hair was up in a messy ponytail bun type of thingie..... the apartment was so comfortable ~ gorgeous dining table with the biggest vase of flowers in the middle ~ comfortable lounge covered in an old chenille and lots of cushions to snuggle against... here I was whipping up some scrambled eggs for my dinner. I then saw myself watching a movie, eating the eggs and a steaming hot cup of chocolate ~ just me, no one else ~ the house was perfectly tidy and warm ......oh my when I told my family they wanted to have me commited ! they knew I was an eccentric but they thought even this was too way out for me. I often wonder if any one else ever has scenarios in their head..... like I say ~ * I live in my own little world, but thats ok, cause every one knows me here *

June 20, 2005

housekeeping ~ June 20

as usual I did the bathrooms today as well as change the sheets on our bed. I have a line full of towels and sheets, whipping around outside in the wind. A pot of stew in the oven for dinner and I am just about to light a fire to get the house warm for tonight.
Winter must be the season of the soul ~ the warmth of a fire * soul warming stews and soups * vintage chenille dressing gowns * slippers and a cup of hot cocoa ~ what more can a vintage girl want?

life ~ June 20

I love my home ~ Yes, I am one of those people who devour magazines for inspiration ~ always looking for ideas to help me create my nest. I have quite often worried if my home looked 'right' or together but only just this morning, *while sipping my first cup of tea in front of the fire* I realized that there is no right look ~ my look is my own. Coming into being by years of collecting, changing, puttering and collecting again. I love the way my home looks ~ no matching * just putting things that I love here and there ~ stuff that on one else would even think of buying, let alone decorating with it * A look that completely shows who I am, what I love * comforting and comfortable and I am happy with that !! And I can walk into someone elses' nest and adore what they have put together as well...for the same reason ~ individuality and being comfortable with who you are.

June 18, 2005

living ~ June 18

ooh I slept in this morning! not alot but enough to get a nice sleep. It is still cold here, no snow unfortunately but cold enough to know that it's winter time.
Today we are off to the
winter magic festival. This will be my second year. It sounds like its a magic festival in winter ~ not so ~ it is a celebration of the whole community for the magic of winter time. Some say it's evil ~ but it is really what you make it. Lots of different communities take part ~ lots of buskers and street stalls and then a grand parade of all types ~ alternate people * school children * community groups..... it really is alot of fun. It is held in Katoomba, 20 mins from here..a town that I love. Famous for The Three Sisters We will probably have lunch in one of the divine cafes ~ a hot bowl of soup with a bread roll and a steaming hot chocolate !

June 16, 2005

late night pondering

sometimes at night I get on this computer and start reading a blog and before you know it I am lost in cyberspace, reading blogs that I found, I know not where. Some of them are fun to read and I notice that lots have many comments. Now I am wondering how people actually get their blogs noticed. Do they post ' look at my blog' or leave it to chance. I often wonder how many people out there do actually read mine.... I know I have a couple of regulars ( hi ! and thankyou ) and now I am also wondering if it is important if my blog is read or not...or is it just for me to get these never ending voices out of my head..... oh for the vintage times of no computers.

winter ~ June 16

oooh, winter is here today ! My it's cold. I had my wood fire going all yesterday and thankfully it went all last night, so I woke to a comforting warm home. The wind is whipping around outside like a madman and it's icy. Maybe a fall of snow ? One can only hope

June 15, 2005


I drive my daughter to school each day ~ I love to do this ~ we talk about all kinds of things and pass the time being friends. Wonderful !!
Each day I go past this gorgeous old home and along the front fence are a row of luculia shrubs. These aren't a common plant and can sometimes be finicky..however these ones were quite old. They flower in winter ~ a gorgoeus head of pink blooms much like a hydrangea with the most heavenly perfume ~ up there among the other divas of the perfumed plant world such as daphne, gardenias and rose. Just delightful.
Much to my horror, when I drove past today they have been cut down to not much more than a stick in the ground. I honestly feel like dropping a little note into the letter box to tell the owners how sad I am about this ~ they dont know what they have done, I am sure of it.
I just hope mother nature can heal in her wonderful way

housekeeping ~ June 15

forgive me if I repeat myself when chatting about my housekeeping rituals but there really is only just so much that I can say about my daily housework.
Today I am giving the lounge room and sitting room their turn in being pampered. I vacuum...the carpets as well as under the lounge cushions * amazing how much stuff gets under them. Then I wipe down all surfaces including window sills with a wet cloth. After that I sometimes polish the timber pieces with the lavender and linseed mix. I just love that smell...reminds me of auntie Muriel.
Hopefully I will get a gorgeous bunch of roses to put into one of my treasured pressed glass vases..I love fresh flowers ~ what is it about them that gives a home a pampered and loved feel?
I really want to get some more cushions made for my lounge ~ I want a scrupmtious, overstuffed, fall on me and be comforted look ~ where you can just imagine your self.. lounging under a quilt, reading a favourite book. None of this 'sit up straight' stuff for me

life ~ June 15

oh, I know sometimes I rant and rave at God ~ why me ; it's not fair yada yada yada ? But I would like to say that I truly do believe in God...... not religion as such but something or someone higher and bigger than me. I just have to because if there is nothing, then what is the point? When awful things happen in my life, that is when I find it hardest to believe but eventually down the track ~ days, weeks, months and sometimes years later.... I look back and see that everything is just as it should be. Those horrid times in my life have turned out for the better. So someone knew more than I did. And I guess that some things I will never understand but as long as I know that my life has meaning then I am happy........ these are just a few rantings from my early morning mind

June 14, 2005

housekeeping ~ June 14

I must sound like a manic housecleaner sometimes.....day in * day out ! But I really do get a great satisfaction from having a clean house ~ not always tidy but always, always clean. Our bedroom was done today, along with the bathrooms. I put my new european pillow covers on the bed` divine. I love my bedroom ~ it has really come together very well.
While I was at the antique shop the other day, I bought a pink vintage lace curtain ~ not for any specific place, but because it was rather gorgeous. I was going to use it as a shower curtain, hanging it beside my shower recess but that really would not have worked..so I got Joe ( that's my husband) to hang a rod on the wall at the end of the bath ~ and I hung the curtain off that, as a feature. It looks rather nice, I think. Now I just have to replace the candelabra and it will be done ~ a truly romantic girlie bathroom !

June 13, 2005

purest of vintage pleasures

surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which attend a wintery
fireside; candles at four o'clock, warm hearth rugs, tea, a fair tea maker,
shutters closed, curtains flowing in ample draperies to the floor, whilst the
wind and rain are raging audibly without
Thomas De Quincy

June 12, 2005

living ~ June 12

had such fun today ~ after my gardening, I went to Laraine's antique shop and puddled for a few hours. Folding the linen, eiderdowns and quilts. I also sorted a lot of the vintage clothing and found a vintage housekeepers pinny ~ which I wore. Laraine wants me to make one for each of us to wear in the shop. I think I will make them from an old linen sheet and trim with some vintage fabric. I have such fun and I am paid in goods ~ which helps me as I have a perpetual layby going. OH ! Some gorgeous stuff! Today I got two vintage european pillow covers ~ white with hand crocheted lace. Can't wait to wash them and of course rinse in the lavender water and put them on my bed...will be something to look forward to this week!

vintage gardening ~ June 12

those leaves !! I raked about 4 big piles today and put them in the leaf bin ~ made from 3 steel star pickets hammered into the ground then chain link wire is wrapped right around. The bottom is left open to the ground. This works well with leaves as they are open to rain and air and decompose rather quickly. This mulch is just perfect for shrubs and trees particularly azaleas and rhodos.
I also watered the vegie garden. I watered the broccoli and brussel sprouts with the comfrey tea. They are coming along well, the broccoli has started to develop heads and should be ready in a week or two. My turnips are getting plump ~ I am quite proud of these, it's the first time I have tried growing them and they are easy as long as you can keep the snails at bay.
Leeks are doing ok and my beetroot seems to be growing, a bit on the slow side though.
The backyard is fenced now and tomorrow I will move my ducks into their permanent home. Sure hope they start laying eggs soon. I guess come spring, I will have eggs coming out of my ears..with my 8 chickens and the female duck ! But it is fun to give them away to my friends ~ I get quite a kick out of it.

June 11, 2005

living ~ June 11

today I think I will go and buy some wool to knit myself a new vintage cardi ~ The little girl in the supermarket inspired me ~ her cardi was delightful and I did find some wonderful vintage 1930's patterns in an op shop a few weeks back. Am I mad ? well hopefully I will get it started and finished this winter...

long live the queen !

this weekend is our Queen's birthday holiday long weekend ~ so to celebrate I think I will have afternoon tea with scones, jam and cream ~ served with tea of course ! I always thought I was royal when I was a little girl ~ my maiden name was Noble and one of the lines in the national anthem are : ' long live our noble queen ' ~ I guess you could say that I have a teeny weeny bit of royal blood ~ both my daughters' think they are princesses !!! God love them !

June 10, 2005

living ~ June 10

I had one of those days today. I woke up feeling overwhelmed, emotional and teary. So I gave into it and cried. Then my eyes got red and puffy and my nose looked swollen and I felt just as bad as I looked. So I took to my bed.

After wallowing for a few hours... in self pity and feeling oh so sorry for myself..I realized that I had to go shopping for the weekend groceries. Great !! going out looking like the Wreck of the Hesperus. So I put a bright cardi on, scooped my hair up and drove to Katoomba. Before I went shopping I treated myself to 3 pairs of bright stripey socks and 5 pairs of gorgeous undies. Trying to perk myself up ~ ha !! Off I went, up and down the aisles, hoping no one would notice how I looked and they didn't. Thankfully. Up to the checkouts and line upon line of people. So I just stood, waited and pondered.
Then I noticed a lovely looking lady.. so happy, trolley full of wonderful food and the most two darling little girls. One was dressed in a sweet floral skirt, purple tights and a red cardi ! And oh her hair was curly and the most divine auburn colour. She was helping mum load the groceries onto the conveyer belt..being very important at the age of 6. Her mum obviously knew how to spoil herself because in her trolley taking pride of place was a huge bunch of pink tiger lillies. So off my mind wandered ~ imagining her at home..puttering... setting the dinner table, lighting candles and those divine flowers in a big round vase.

June 09, 2005

housekeeping ~ June 9

a few weeks ago I went fossicking in a favourite junk shop ~ two floors of stuff * no order * here and there and all over the place... I bought some vintage fabric and went home. Later that day I returned with my daughter to look for a vintage formal dress for her end of year school formal. While she was looking, I fossicked a bit more and found a gorgeous old cloth, big enough to fit my dining room table. It was made of linen which had been washed alot and loved for a long time ~ it was mended in many places with patches and stitches. Along one end there is a gorgeous red cross stitch pattern ~ in the shape of potted trees. I didnt have enough cash on me so I tucked it up behind boxes so that I could come back later. Last week I returned to buy it and to my horror the area had been somewhat tidied. I searched and eventually found it ~ thankfully, as it was something that I felt I just had to have. I went upstairs and to my embarrasment I noticed that the whole room was on video surveillance and the owners had seen all that I had done ! She was completely understanding ~ probably a kindred hoarder and collector and sold me the piece for $5. A bargain !!!!
so today, after I vacuumed and dusted my dining room ~ then polished my table with the lavender and linseed oil...the cloth is proudly displayed on the table.

When I use pieces like this, lovingly creating atmosphere... I am often left to wonder the history of the item...who owned it ? Was it made with love for a new bride to make a home for her husband and family? Some one must have loved this so much to have continued to repair and repair until eventually it was tossed out by a modern miss ~ straight into my life and loving care. so lucky

June 08, 2005


There is peace within a garden, a peace so deep and calm
That when the heart is troubled it's like a soothing balm
There's life within a garden, a life that still goes on
Filling empty places when older plants have gone
There's glory in the garden at every time of year
Spring, summer, autumn, winter, to fill the heart with cheer
So ever tend your garden, its beauty to increase
For in it you'll find solace and in it you'll find peace
Rosamund, Lady Langham

I found this gorgeous poem while looking for pictures for my journal. Isn't it a delight ? I remember going to a naturopath years ago and she advised me to spend as much time in my garden as I possibly could. " get your shoes off" she said " and let the bare earth caress your feet * draw energy from mother earth" I guess it could sound like hocus pocus but you know, I believe it does a soul good to get in touch with the simple things of life ~ away from the plastics and made made fibres back to basics ~ getting your hands dirty while gardening

June 06, 2005

housekeeping~ June 6

my mind is rattled ! honestly I need to declutter ~ really I do ! I have to stop being sentimental over stuff....I keep things just incase someone might need them someday. HA!
Oh I know I have wafted on here about decluttering but I haven't been sincere when I have been doing it..tossed a few things into the bin and packed a box for the local op~ shop but this week is going to be THE WEEK. Just last night I was out on my verandah and REALLY noticed how much stuff I had accumulated. Then I wandered through my house and did the same.... way too much stuff that I don't use or need. I had visions of selling it on ebay but who am I kidding? I take photos, crop them, upload them and then list and for what? 1 hour of my time for $7? When I could be doing gardening* sewing * or just plain relaxing. So I am going to start today and for the whole week I am going to do a room at a time and declutter ~ my house, my brain and my life.
Of course I will do the normal chores as well ~ today the bathrooms, change the sheets and vacuum and dust my bedroom..... and washing the linen today! Actually there is nothing lovelier than to see a clothes line full of sheets and towels flapping in the wind !

June 04, 2005

vintage gardening ~ June 4

I did all that I wanted to do in the garden, today !! Tidying up for winter ~ pruning my roses, weeding and generally tidying up. Tomorrow I will water and mulch. The garden is dreadfully dry at the moment, being in drought conditions is so hard and it makes me so mad that gardeners are always the first to be penalised with water restrictions when we are the ones who are most conservative in our water usage. It looks like we will have to get another tank in place for when *(or should I say if)* it rains again. I have the most gorgeous rose out at the moment. It starts of a beautiful cerise colour opening to faded pink and the perfume is heavenly * I can't see the point in growing roses without a perfume* old fashioned roses are a MUST. Jonquils are out as well and it's just divine to weed and be able to smell the perfume every now and then.

living~ June 4

this morning I slept in !! oh my it must be the first time in years. I didn't wake up til 8am. Had chicken soup to cook and was planning on spending a large part of the day in my garden. I had a quick shower, tossed my hair up and put a gorgeous clip in it. Youngest daugther was horrified on how my hair was, telling me that I couldn't wear a clip with my hair up as it 'just didn't go' ~ who cares I thought to myself. I am not one to worry about what people think of me. If I want to wear an old vintage bed jacket as a day time cardigan, then I do and if I want to wear purple tights with a favourite red skirt ~ well so be it !!! that's what I like about where I live.... it is different ~ call it alternate or feral but the people just act and dress as they please and it is fun !!!! Old vintage dresses, vintage jeans, shoes and hats....odd hairstyles... I LOVE IT !!
I do draw a line at body and facial piercings but if some one wants to do that... let them be.

June 02, 2005

sharing my vintage home ~ June 2

I believe it is so important to have a few frivolous pieces in your home * they needn't be expensive or collectors items ~ but things you love that make you feel extra special ~ this is one of them for me !
I fell in love with this french bust the minute I saw it. I didn't buy it straight off, but would admire it each time I went into the antique shop. I eventually lay-byed it and paid it off bit by bit. Not sure what it is that I love about it ~ I think it is the elegant neck line and the hair.

June 01, 2005

tales of a duck

oh well... I went to get my goose today..and *Mr quack or two* the breeder, was hilarious !! called me 'lady' all the time ~ then proceeded to show me every single one of his ducks, geese, guinea fowl, chickens and peacocks. He had some chinese geese and I couldn't bring them home as they were huge and the box I took was way too small.You know, I didn't realize how big geese were. So now, I am tossing up between the geese and a pair of Indian runner ducks ~ the one like Ferdinand in the movie Babe.... I am just not sure which way I will go... love the ducks though ...I tend to be leaning towards them.
decisions, decisions....

in the mail box ~ June 1

what fun to receive a gorgeous selection of cards from Hope at
I found this website a few weeks ago and emailed Hope, just to say how much I loved her work. The sweet girl emailed me back and said she would like to send me something by snail mail * and she did !! She is such a clever, talented girl..... I LOVE her work. And what a gorgeous name ~ Hope

winter 2005

June 1st today !! the first day of winter and I sure hope it will be a cold one. Nothing I love more than to have a fire going * snuggling under a quilt * wearing the dear slippers that my mum knits for me * Drinking hot chocolate * watching favourite movies as the wind howls outside. What is it about winter that is so comforting ?