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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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Location: Katoomba, NSW, Australia

here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

May 31, 2006

oh where have you been?

after a few emails asking if I am ok - I thought I should probably post something here - so you won't all worry your pretty heads or think I am an absolute rubbish friend.....
it is winter and although I love it, when it gets cold, I ache. So I snuggle. The aches are deep in my bones - a legacy from the radiation, so I am told. So I have been lighting my fire as soon as I get up, doing my housework then snuggling under a vintage eiderdown and reading the Harry Potter series, yet again. Oh, how that resonates with me! I am sure I was a witch in a past life !
I haven't even visited blogs for a few days as I am not sitting at the computer for very long either. Just enough to answer emails - nor have I sorted the tea swap out. That is on my list for tonight. ooh I am so sorry !
I must also admit that the past few weeks in blogland, with all that happened ~ affected me more than I thought. It has taken the fun away and I feel I have nothing more to say...and surely that is not me !!!! I am trying so hard to get motivated but it is like I have a weariness in my soul. So dear friends ~ please don't give up on me - this is just a hiccough on my blogging road... I am sure those daily mutterings of mine with be back soon.

May 26, 2006

for tea lovers

there are even different types of teas for all different saints and their causes - what fun! but sadly, I can't order due to customs regulations. drat!!!
saints & tea

puppets on strings

seems to me that relationships are one of THE hardest things to manage in our life - I was never going to 'chat' about my second marriage but I think I will. If you aren't interested - don't read - plain as that.
I married my second husband not very long after my first was killed in the car accident - looking back - it was way too soon but I was young and 'in love' ... things were fine and dandy for a few years and my gorgeous daughter ms*louisa was born the first year of our marriage - so all the heartache that I endured was worth it......but something happened and he met someone else... my heart literally shattered. It was the most horrific time of my life. I was left with two children and a broken heart. He walked away, callously I think. Leaving me to deal with the pieces.
I visited pyschics and counsellors and psychiatrists - trying to find an answer. The only answer is time and a belief in yourself. One pyschic told me that I was like a lotus - buried underneath all the muck and oneday I would come up out of that muck and bloom like the gorgeous lotus blossom. And I believe I have ! I am actually happy that I went through that - first of all, I would not have met my 'soul mate' if it had not occured and second - it has made me who I am.
It is so common these days - men walking away from marriages or relationships, leaving children and breaking a womans heart (oh I know it happens the other way too, but more often than not, it seems to be the men walking away) I can't even post what I think of men who do this - you would probably never visit again. I could slap them silly !!! They give you ultimatums - mine was not to see any of my family again and he 'might' consider returning to our home. Can you believe, that I actually considered that? huh? They pull the puppet strings, one minute wanting to be in the folds of the family unit, next walking away again. And you really do feel like a puppet on a string - until you take your control back.
there is one lady out there who is going through a dreadful time right now and I guess this is what spurred me to post this ........but honey, just remember who you are - a strong, vibrant woman who is worth more than is being offered right now. Stay true to who you are * there is better in your future!
xoxo much love

May 25, 2006

happy birthday


BORN 25TH MAY 1913

my nan was diabetic and every since I could remember, she was blind. She never once complained about her heatlh and didn't have a why me or poor me attitude. She just got on and enjoyed life, 'no use complaining', she would say. I loved her to the ends of the earth and back again - and she loved me in the same way. I remember her hugs & cuddles and unconditional love. Being blind didn't stop her from doing stuff, she would take me into the shops when I was little and buy each of us a cake - mine was always an iced finger bun and hers was usually a neenish tart - oh, how she loved those!She hated the colour green. She passed to the other side about 24 years ago and I can remember the feeling of total loss that I felt on her passing. It is still with me today. Oh lord how I miss her!!!! wherever you are Nana ~ happy birthday from me xoxo

May 23, 2006

memories are made of this

pale little dandelion, in her white shroud
heareth the angel breeze call from a cloud
tiny plumes fluttering make no delay
little winged dandelion soareth away

today, I decided to go for a long walk. It was bitterly cold, having snowed last night just 10 mins away so I braved the elements, donned my scarf and jacket and trotted off up the road. It was deliciously lovely. All the autumn leaves swirling! I noticed dandelions growing here and there in gardens (I don't consider them a weed) and it took me back to when I was a little girl and truly believed (and knew) that if you picked a dandelion and made a wish as you blew the seed heads away in the wind then the faeries would grab this wish and make it come true. How about,we nurture that little girl inside of each one of us and go and make wishes with dandelions and send them off to the faeries? - Walt Disney believed that dreams come true (me too)

"these little earth stars...shimmering on the lawn"

May 20, 2006

a thankful heart

here I am, seemingly complaining about how bad my life is lately and I read this post:
picking up our harp * Corey has such a way with words - thankyou so much for bringing me down to earth, Ms*Corey
You see, dear friends - I have much to be thankful for - actually more to be thankful for than not. And you sweeties are one of them! For being true friends - thankyou. I also have my health, a family who love me and enough food on my table. I have my eyes to see with and my hands to work and create with. Just like Corey says. sharing with you, some of the things I have to be thankful for today

May 19, 2006

women ! not mean girls but mean women

I have been crying, all night. what is it about the female species of the human race? I have been going to a patchwork group for 8 years now. I haven't been for about 6 weeks or so * due to the fact that I have have been feeling 'under the weather' so to speak and dealing with my mum and her wanting to get her funeral in order(that is very hard to deal with!) * and not one phonecall to see how I am. Yesterday, I decided to go along and honestly, it was awful, I felt like a social outcast. Most of the girls there were kind of cold and uninviting. They had even organised an outing for next week and didn't invite me. When I asked what was happening next week, they kind of mumbled and said they were going to a quilt shop..and I just left it. My heart hurt. i am always a phone call away for these women whenever they have something awful happen, I listen and I know I am not perfect but I try to never leave anyone out. Why do we do this kind of thing, why are we like this? why can't we just accept each other for who we are? Teenage girls can be horrible and nasty to each other but women in their 50's? Has it always been like this, down through the ages? or is it a new phenomena, with all our materialistic attitudes - that we have to be like this to make ourselves feel better? maybe it is time for me to move on..I just don't know. Now I know why my best friend is my husband.

May 17, 2006

produce from my vintage garden

yesterday, I had Ms*marion from down the road, call in and ask if she could get some persimmons off my tree - of course I said yes! so we grabbed a couple of buckets and headed to the tree. Mr Chough was eyeing us both with disdain - that beak of his, looked positively dangerous - but we braved the elements and found a ricketty old chair to stand on and proceeded to pull the persimmons. The chair was wobbling all over the place but we succeeded in getting ourselves a bucket full each. There are still quite a few more but they are up high in the tree and save getting a tall ladder and taking my life into my own hands by climbing it - there is no way I can reach - so those will be for the birds, nothing like sharing is there?

May 16, 2006

vintage hygiene

"Loke thyne hondis be wasshe clene, That no fylthe on thy nayles be sene. "
(The Little Children's Little Book, circa 1480)

handwashing - is it a thing of the past? As a child, I was always told to wash my hands before each meal and always, always after using the bathroom. My nan would wash my hands immediately after returning from a trip to the shops and my mum was forever washing my hands after an icecream or a lolly. Wash your hands after using a tissue or hanky was another. Whenever we went out, my mum would have a little plastic bag with a face washer in it - much nicer than those horrid 'wet ones'. But, lately I have been noticing while out shopping that people are not washing there hands very much at all, even after a visit to the bathroom. huh? do parents not teach there children the basic hygiene rules? or are people lazy? ooh not nice at all and I have become obsessive - trying to 'hold on' til I get home. I don't want to touch the door handles and I don't want to touch the key pads at the teller machines nor do I want to hold on the escalator.
as I do, I looked handwashing up on the internet and it was a lovely vintage ritual in days gone by - sweet smelling waters were available always - some with homemade herbs, others with essential oils - some in jugs to pour into a bowl accompanied by piles of fresh individual towels and others having individual bowls with fresh flowers floating in the water.
A little different to those awful finger bowls that accompany prawn dishes - one for the whole table - not nice after a few have used it.
"To make water for washing hands at table: Boil sage, then strain the water and cool it until it is a little more than lukewarm. Or use chamomile, marjoram, or rosemary boiled with orange peel. Bay leaves are also good."
-- Le Menagier de Paris

hand waters

May 15, 2006

the persimmon tree

I have an ancient persimmon tree, it must be one of the original fruit trees from the orchard that was once here - it is truly gorgeous looking, especially at this time of the year - when the fruit is a glorious deep orange and the leaves have all fallen to reveal the sharp, angular branches. It is even more picturesque when the black choughs are pecking at the fruit.
However, this year, I have been madly trying to beat the birds to the fruit - I have actually found some people who actually like to eat them! I had an elderly german man knock on my door this morning asking if he could pick some * sure I said, help yourself! my mum loves them, so I sent her home yesterday with a bag full. They are not ripe yet, apparently they need to be really squishy before you eat them otherwise they leave your mouth furry. I have a recipe for persimmon chutney which was given to me by an old lady, written on the back of an envelope and I have found some delicious sounding recipes on the internet, none of which have been tested by me (as yet). - the chutney recipe is posted at FLORENCE'S COOK BOOK *

May 14, 2006

happy mothers day

my great-grandma
my darling nan
and my mum as a baby
happy mothers day to the 3 most important women in my life!

a woman of substance

in honour of every woman - strong, beautiful women - who all have an inner strength that sometimes doesn't surface until a time in our life when we need it - this is a story of one of those women
my soul mate's mother was an amazing woman - her name was Desiree - born in Indonesia of dutch heritage - the story goes that her mother was a concubine of an indonesian prince - and she spent her early childhood days in the palace grounds. Her family eventually moved back to Holland where she grew up. WW2 erupted and she met a german soldier and they fell in love - she fell pregnant to him and her village scorned her, punishing her for fraternizing with the enemy.She was marched through the streets and her head was shaved. She gave birth out of wedlock, to a son. Eventually the war ended and her german soldier wanted her and their son to go with him, back to his home 'behind the wall' into east Germany. For various reasons, she decided not to - she could see what kind of life they would lead there and wanted freedom - for herself as well as her son. She bought her son up by herself, eventually meeting my soul mates father. They married and had 3 more children in Holland. He painted houses for a living and he decided that a better life was to be found in Australia.So they sailed here in the early 50's. She was an english teacher and a talented artist - using oils and water colours - creating the most beautiful artwork. Her husband was an alcoholic and abusive - however they went on to have 6 more children ! ! yes, she had 10 children in all. Her husband eventually left her and returned to Holland - leaving her and the 10 children who she had to support herself - on a meagre pension from the Dutch government - she subsidized this by selling her artwork. Each one of her 10 children are all successful, well adjusted people - with families of their own. Sadly she developed a brain tumour in 1990 and died that year. how strong some women are! She accessed that inner strength that we all have.

May 13, 2006

words to ponder

From Lewis Carrol - Alice in Wonderland

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what
it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it
wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

actually, I don't see, Mr Carrol. I am confused, I haven't a clue what the above means.
I am thinking that Mr L. Carrol may have had a drug problem of sorts. Or was totally out of his tree or off the planet. or maybe, just maybe - he was very intelligent.
But I thought these words were apt, for my return to the blogging world in the mental state I am in. Bare with me

May 08, 2006

on taking time out

dearest friends,
I look back over the past two weeks and read the posts here on daily parcels and it seems that I have said, a few times, that I am taking time out
- and I haven't - for one reason or another.
But I must. You see, I am rundown.
I woke yesterday with a mouth full of ulcers and a coldsore (too much information, I know), caused when a person's immune system is depleted.
I look like I am a walking advertisement of why not to have botox.
and I am teary & fretful.
AND my house is out of control. My washing is piling up and I can't get on top of it - unless I turn into the Capricorn that I am and become a mountain goat!
So, I must take time away. I just have to!! I need to take walks in the crisp autumn air - not worrying about who likes me and who doesn't. Not to worry about what I am writing incase I offend.
it is hard to convince myself that I need time away, let me tell you.
cause I keep telling myself that if I disappear , even for a short moment then I will be forgotten - into the world of the now defunct bloggers - very insecure !
I don't know how long I will be away but it will be more than a day or two
I may visit your blogs to comment - but I need to get myself better.
The vintage tea swap is still on - so if you want to join - just email me.
please tell me that you will be here when I come back and you won't forget me -
promise ?

little parcels tied deliciously up in ribbons

a tea time swap - for all the tea lovers (and even if you don't like tea - you can do coffee or hot chocolate) - let me know! if you would like to join up -should be fun. you should know what to do by now! closing the end of May.
tea time swap

May 07, 2006

on making scones *partie deux*

oh funny! I have been asked to take part in ms*eagles great aussie scone fest - now, ms*eagle is a regular here and I visit her blog as well - but ms*eagle hasn't read this post: on making scones by ms*robyn or else she definately wouldn't have asked me to participate - had it been a Christmas fruit cake, or rock cakes? sure - I would have made my scones for that, you see that is what my scones are like - rock cakes
if you are interested - please read the links - not sure how it works but I am sure ms*eagle would welcome you and your recipe!
pumpkin scones at ms*eagles

aussie scone fest

May 06, 2006

gardening the vintage way

a day to garden for me! we have been moving my veggie garden this past week or two - I wanted it nearer to my kitchen, which made more sense. I just mentioned it to my soul mate and he thought it was a great idea and started then and there! we had a few shrubs to pull out - a lilac which I was sad to lose but I will plant another somewhere else. The way the world is today - I want to start growing as much of my own produce as I can. Too many chemicals used in commercial growing and with this genetically modified stuff that is going on - well, that is a whole new world to me and I think to the powers that be - no one knows the long term effects.
off the soap box ! I have finished one bed - enriching it with mushroom compost, composted leaves and a good handful or two of lime. then covered it with lucerne and will let it rest til spring time - I want the worms to have a good old time for awhile and let them do their thing. I also hope to start another comfrey tea mix - wonderful stuff ! THE ORGANIC GARDEN
I hope to get to buy some herbs today and will plant them around the perimeter of the garden - not sure which ones as yet - but I am hoping to get a good variety - for cooking as well as healing. and some to make sleep pillows as well.
I just wandered around this morning and took a few photos of the garden in progress.

May 05, 2006


please pray for Sophie Delezio - oh my heart is heavy for the anguish her parents must be going through - please pray!!!!!
pray for Sophie Delezio
and could each of you put a link to the pray blog so that this prayer gets around the world. thanks so much for this!


May 04, 2006

through the blogging glass (once more)

ahh funny how when you start decluttering and changing things - the winds of change gently blow through - taking the old and not needed and bringing in new - a kind of feng sui in the blogging world.
I found these two blogs when someone commented on my blog - being the sticky beak that I am - I went to take a peek.

wonderfully refreshing ! enjoy - with my love xoxo

story book woods

these foolish things

memories are made of this

I found the lyrics to this song from my teenage years! oh it brings back memories of my long straight hair - with a plaited headband - lots of indian bangles, patchouli oil & incense. Oh yes I was a fashion victim. But take a step back in time to the '70's - turn up the music and listen!
melting pot
(oh and the photo is not me - but I sure aspired to looking like that - sad but true * oh my poor mother!)

through the blogging glass

I have found a few new fun blogs and have just added them to my sidebar - when you have a *spare minute* go and have a little peek - they are all different - but all lovely - ahh a melting pot.

May 03, 2006

after all, tomorrow is another day

and with that dear friends of mine - I am off to bed. After a particularly gruelling day of doing no housework - I am hoping to get a good nights sleep, my soul mate is sick so I don't know how restful it will be. I hope to wake tomorrow with everything behind us ALL and I plan on scrubbing my kitchen and then spending time in my garden - yes indeedy - I am nearer to God's heart in my garden, than anywhere else on earth

a soothing balm for the soul

I think it is time for a bit of soul pampering - after the past few days I think we need to take time for ourselves - we are going to take a de-stress bath. first we need to set the mood - gather a little posy of whatever you have in the garden, turn the lights out in your bathroom and light a few tea candles - use an odd number, 3 or 5 works for me. No music this time... we are going to be alone with ourselves and just be. a few thick fluffy towels, a face washer and something to tie your hair back. Have your favourite body lotion handy for when you get out and something really snuggly to put on when you have finished - oops and tell the family you need space. Now pour yourself a deep bath - nice and warm and throw a handful of your mix in. settle in, lie back, close those eyes and just BE - breathing in the scent for at least 10 mins.

2 cups sea salt
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops sandalwood essential oil
3 drops rosewood essential oil

Mix oils with salt and store in a pretty glass jar or screw-top container. To use, simply add a handful to your bath.

and a calming aromatherapy room spray:

Place one cup of water in a spray bottle, and add the following pure essential oils:
3 drops lavender

2 drops palmarosa
2 drops jasmine
1 drop geranium

Shake well and spray upward toward the center of the room

in my mail box

oh a big thankyou to Wendy from fairycakegirl - I received my vintage housekeeping swap package a few days ago. Gorgeous! Wendy sent me a lovely kitchen set - pink! a teatowel, hot pot stand and matching apron. as well as a delightful vintage book. I flicked through it and can't wait to sit down and really have a good read. thankyou so much wendy - it is all just vintage lovely

May 02, 2006

sharing my love of vintage

vintage bling! a few years ago while visiting New York I was at a flea market somewhere in Pennsylvania. Bitterly cold. An old man was selling some junk jewellery and I bought a few pieces. I love old brooches! these are my collection - oh I have lots more, but ms*sophie has discovered that they look great on her denim jacket. I keep these in a pressed glass sugar bowl, just to take out sometimes, feel them and dream They are not expensive pieces, some are missing stones, others missing a clasp but they were loved - by who? and just where did they wear them to?

May 01, 2006

daily parcels

this is the post that I was going to post today:

ok , a short time away - reflecting, meditating & soul searching has made me realize I must be true to myself, true to who I am and what I believe and I am very sorry if some of my readers don't agree, but the world is a big melting pot - I believe in what I do because that is who I am - my grandparents were part of the spiritualist church - I am on a journey and I have no idea where I am going but I don't try to sway people to my beliefs, because my beliefs are my own. I don't try to convert and now I guess I have broken one of my pa's golden rules - don't discuss religion.
I am still a vintage girl, just like my profile says - always have been and always will be but I guess I am a vintage girl with a twist.
I use crystals sometimes - and they work. I use herbal medicine (very vintage, I think - look at mediaeval times) and I use prayer, angels and whatever works for me at the time. If I think I need help from a certain saint, well I call them in too. I call them my healing modalities. And I believe that if something natural works, why not use it before resorting to chemicals or radical measures? God has put everything on this earth for us to use - even St. Hildegard used things from nature - rocks, stones and plants.

The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them. ~Ecclesiasticus 38:4

then I read this:
and realised that I am as guilty as the next person for judging others for what they believe. like I said a melting pot.

so with all that said - I am back and I am still the same ms*robyn that I was last week. posting about my life, my beliefs, some vintage tips and tales and hopefully making friends along the way. I have zipped my lip on religion and will follow my pa's advice from now on.

a big thankyou from the bottom of my heart

I have been humbled by the support out there - from people that I don't know and from those whom I proudly call my friends - I thank each and every one of you for the emails, even all those who hurt. They made me soul search yesterday - which is always good. But I am sorry that all of this has seemed to have caused a division out there in what we call blog world. Hopefully as time goes by, it will mend. I am going to keep the prayer blog open as I feel there is a genuine need for it and it is still going to bypass organised religion. open to all, from all beliefs. Just imagine, if I put it into a box and someone came along who desperately needed a prayer or two but was 'frightened' off by the 'christian' theme. Because someone doesn't have the same belief as any one of us, doesn't mean that we should not welcome them.
That is why I have a picture of the goddess Kwan Yin on the blog - the chinese goddess of COMPASSION - someone may relate to her.
I will be back in a few (that could be hours or days but definately not weeks) - I need to get a few things done, like send my vintage housekeeping swap gift ... I am the organizer and always late !!! blessings of all kinds to each of you today....I think I need to re-read this: