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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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Location: Katoomba, NSW, Australia

here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

April 30, 2005

* life~ April 30 *

I often wonder what life is all about. life goes on after upsets...whether big or small ..it is so important to pamper oneself in those times especially. Something to soothe all the senses...an aromatherapy massage ~ burning those wonderful beeswax candles.. holy water sprinkled in every room...they all help me take control

and I always try to remember those famous words of Scarlett

After all... tomorrow is another day.

April 27, 2005

*vintage gardening*~April 28th

just noticed that my lachenalias are poking their heads up out of the soil.
My grandma use to grow these bulbs in a cement trough...and I loved the little flowers ~ just like soldier boys all standing straight in a row ...but I use to call them lackenallys...

once again trying to recapture the past and so now, I have a vintage flower pot with chipped red paint and growing my own just like grandma and I hope my grandchildren will remember their *grandmas lackenallys*

*wash day 1916*

years ago, a friend gave me this ~ it was torn out of an old magazine...please forgive the spelling mistakes ~ this is exactly what it says :

1. bild a fire in the backyard to heat kettle of rain water
2. set tub so smoke wont blow in eyes if wind is pert
3. shave one cake lie soap in billin water
4. sort things, making 3 piles, 1 pile white, 1 pile coloured, 1 pile work
britches and rags
5. stir flour in cold water to smooth, then thin down with bilin
6. rub dirty spots on board, scrub hard then bile. rub the coloured, don't
bile, just rinch in starch
7. take white things out of kettle with broomstick handle, then rinch and
8. hang old rags on fince
9. spread tee towels on grass
10. pore rinch water on flower bed
11. scrub porch with hot soapy water
12. turn tubs upside down
13. go put on a fresh dress, smooth hair with side combs, brew cup of tea,
sit and rest and rock a spell and count blessings

dont you just love it !!

*housekeeping~April 27*

washing ~ does it never end ? I wash just about every day...and there is still a mountain of it ! am I too fussy in the way I wash ? sorting the whites, lights, coloured ~ washing sheets and towels on Mondays ~ washing hand knits by hand ~ my mission this week is to get on top of this...and I guess it doesn't help at all when I go out shopping for vintage hand knits and crocheted blankets which all need a wash *by hand of course* ~ now I know what the saying~ * a woman's work is never done * means. So as well as cleaning the lounge room and sitting room today, I am washing like a mad woman

April 26, 2005

*housekeeping~April 26*

today when I remade my bed~I followed the vintage housekeeper's way ~ lots of layering * sprinkling lavender water on the pillows and lots of quilts, eiderdowns and blankets..... pillows in lovely old pillowcases .... burning lavender oil and opening windows to let the fresh air in !!! and a fresh glass of water for the night time
It sounds divine..... I am sure this must help with a restful sleep.

I am wanting to make a hops pillow...it is said that hops has gentle sedative effects

1/4 cup dried hops
1/8 cup dried chamomile flowers
1/8 cup dried lavender flowers
3 drops lavender essential oil

Cut 2 pieces of fabric ( i like to use an old handkerchief or an old doily ) * each about 8 inches square and sew around the edges to make a pillow * leaving enough room to insert a tablespoon.
Spoon the herb mixture into the pillow and sew it shut.

place the hops pillow either next to your regular pillow or beneath it.
place it beneath your blankets during the day so that when you turn back the bed at night the fragrant herbal aroma greets you and surrounds your slumber

sweet dreams

April 24, 2005

*lest we forget~April 25*

today is the day Australia remembers all those who have fought and those who have fallen in war ~ fighting and giving up their lives for our country. Many marches and ceremonies are held throughout our wonderful country. Traditions are celebrated ~ two~up and Anzac cookies.

Spend the day being thankful that we live in a free society

attend a local anzac march

make some anzac biscuits and have tea with family and friends

pick a bunch of rosemary ~ for remembrance

* living ~ April 24*


April 23, 2005

* life~ April 23 *

some times, life just throws so much at you...
you start wondering what it's all about. This week has been one of those weeks for me.....
soldier on ~ chin up ~ the show goes on .... heard it all before.
I am at the stage where all I want to do is have a long warm scented bath, surrounded by candles *
get into my flannelette jammies
and hide under the bed covers.

April 20, 2005

* in the mail box ~ April 20 *

J O Y ~what fun to go to my mail box today and find a gorgeous pink envelope from Alison at the vintage housekeepers circle. It had a sticker on the front with the words 'royal mail' printed on it,which immediately made me feel like a princess. It was raining out....rainy days make me feel so snug and secure and I made myself a cup of hot chocolate...snuggled on my cane settee under one of my quilts, propped up by some pillows ( feeling very Jo from Little Women ) and proceeded to open the envelope with utmost care. I am beginning to sound like a child, but I was so excited. Inside was treasure ~ a gorgeous tag with the word 'JOY' in scrabble letters * a lovely card wrapped in a ribbon to send to someone special, a little card with a saying from Louisa May Alcott ( just how did Alison know that Louisa May was special to me ?) and the most divine letter from Alison. with lots of wonderful ideas to bring back the art of letter writing...certainly inspiring. I wanted to race out and buy some wonderful bits n pieces to put on my desk ...

April 19, 2005

*cancer head~April 19*

in the past I was never one to worry about getting cancer ~ the thought actually never crossed my mind ~ I just didn't think it would happen to me. But it did and I survived that part of my life. I went through all the emotions every cancer sufferer goes through...why me? After treatments * and I don't know if I will put that down in print* I went through all the normal emotions every cancer survivor goes through......will it come back? It took me quite awhile to work through that and there are days where I feel like I am back in square one. I just accept these days when they come, not much else I can do and remember the words that my cancer therapist told me " no-one can ever give you a guarantee that cancer won't return, they can't give you a guarantee that you won't get cancer somewhere but nor can anyone give you a guarantee that you won't be hit by a bus" I hold on to this and remind myself when I am having an attack of 'cancer head'

April 18, 2005

*my comfort drawer*

do you think I can find what to use as my comfort drawer? I am looking for a box *like an old soap box or chocolate box ~ *big enough to put some treasures in* ..but haven't been able to find the PERFECT one..so I just sit and ponder about what I will put in mine when I eventually get it going......
oh I do have the liner ~ I found an old piece of Christmas wrapping paper with a tag still stuck to it. * to Robyn *from Dad........ how special is that.

Oh I miss my dad so much sometimes

*housekeeping*~April 18th

Monday today !! which means I do the bathrooms and change our sheets * yet again. It must sound like all I do is housework...well yes I do chores around my home every week day but that isn't all I do. I love to clean my house, not because I enjoy the housework so much but because I love to have a clean house. I HATE filth!! I love Monday afternoons, when my bathrooms sparkle, my bed has fresh sheets, there are flowers next to my bed and candles burning in my bathroom.
I always, always make time during my day to pamper myself... I set myself a chore, do it then do a little something for me...whether it is a cup of tea * doing my journal or sitting on the back verandah reading.....

April 17, 2005

heart felt

* a bunch of daffodils * a crisp autumn leaf * or a letter tied in a ribbon ~ * these things bring pleasure to your heart !

a trip down memory lane

off to Parramatta we went yesterday to buy the bridesmaids dresses. Parramatta was a place that my nan used to take me when I was little.
we would catch the bus and get off at the station and walk to Grace Bros. Grace Bros has gone now and in its place stands the huge and vile shopping center called westfield
So many memories came flooding back ~ the little op shop where my mum, nana and I would go...even back then I loved vintage cloths * the red cross tea rooms where we would go for lunch : a plate of mixed sandwiches, a date scone and cup of tea. This was a little tea room manned by volunteer red cross ladies. They sold the tiny little calendars that I loved when I was little. ~ thomas' auction rooms where my pa would take me on Fridays if I were staying with them. I bought my first piece of vintage furniture there ~ a victorian plant stand * which I still have !! I loved the boxes of sundries too. ~ the lovely old bridge over Parramatta river with the chinese restaurant near it ~ Davy jones' ( What my nan called David Jones dept. store )
oh the wonderful memories came flooding back for me.... a trip down memory lane
Thankfully we didnt have too much trouble finding the dresses. No tears and no tantrums , thank Heaven !!
we had lunch and had to listen to the most horrendous music. Why is it that shops these days seem to think that we need noise while we are out shopping ? oh for peace and quiet.

April 16, 2005

dress shopping

bridesmaids dress shopping today !!!

April 15, 2005

*gratitude journal

I have so much to be grateful for

beeswax candles

I love to burn candles ~ the little rose tea-lights from moontree studio are one of my favourites. And beeswax candles ~ they are just divine ! I found an article on care2connect yesterday about burning beeswax candles that was very interesting ~ looks like I will be burning these a whole lot more ~ must buy some to put in my fragrance basket !!!! Beeswax is 100% pure product ~ when they burn they fill the room with the scent of honey.

The ions in the air can affect our mood, energy and health. Negative ions actually feel good. Too many positive ions make us feel bad and they are loaded down with pollution and allergens that are drawn to them and suspended in the air.. Negative ions, on the other hand, remove the pollution and allergens from positive ions, allowing them to drop harmlessly to the ground.

Beeswax candle fuel is the only fuel that actually produces negative ions, which not only helps remove pollution from the air but increases the ratio of negative ions to positive ions, the ideal and necessary scenario for clean air.

Make sure to only buy 100 percent pure beeswax candles. Choose yellow beeswax (it is lightly refined)and not white beeswax is often bleached with chemicals and is best avoided.

April 14, 2005

*simple abundance

Lucky me !! I ordered this book last week and I picked it up from the bookshop today. So now I start a gratitude journal ~ I will go tomorrow and buy myself the loveliest book I can find to use for this journal...... I am so excited ~ from what I have read so far, this is going to be a wonderful journey !

*housekeeping*~April 14th

Thursday ! the day I usually do my kitchen and dining rooms. So today I am tackling ~ the dining room table, vacuuming the timber floors, dusting and cleaning the benches * I just love the new 'green' cleaner that I bought ~ so fresh !! If I have time I will clean the stove top and wash the floors. Otherwise will wash the floors tonight sometime. I have been using the floor cleaner and it is good although I think instead of peppermint tea, I will use either lemon or peppermint aromatherapy oil. I did buy a great castille liquid soap yesterday with orange and almond oils in it..so that will be a good soap base. I also want to polish my table with the oil that I bought at the show last weekend
not sure what I will do this afternoon... I have the books 'simple abundance' to pick up from Leura and I need some chook food, so I may do that ~ OH and Sophie comes home tonight.... that washing I am NOT looking forward to

April 13, 2005

*cooking with grandma !

of course, I never do anything by halves and this blogging thing is becoming bigger by the minute !! I have also added a grandma recipe page.... using all those simply yummy soul warming recipes from days gone by....lots from both my grandmothers and some from ladies I have known throughout my life ~ ENJOY !!

*like grandma used to make*

*housekeeping*~April 11th

Wednesdays for me is the day I do my loungeroom and sitting room. Vacuum under all the cushions on the club lounge ( dont you just hate how crumbs get under there ) * fluff the cushions and dust. I dont do windows etc...that is a twice yearly job when I spring clean. I love this time of year ( winter) . I love to clean the fire out and re set it * in readiness for lighting and getting cosy and warm. Next is to tackle my back verandah ~ yikes....that is scary....just how many sea grass chairs does one need ?

April 12, 2005

*just a thought

Like I have said : I have a routine in my housework~ I do a room a day Mon - Thursday. It doesn't take me a whole day maybe an hour or so each morning and by Friday (which is my day to 'putter' and do something for myself) my house is clean . Sometimes I think I am manic but if I don't have the routine and have a chore each day, absolutley nothing will get done... I wander aimlessly doing a bit here and there. I don't work outside the home so look on this as kinda my job ( if that makes sense )
However~if I get asked to go out to lunch or something comes up I will change the routine or just miss a week.
Oh and every morning~ I quickly wipe the bathroom over with a damp cloth and vacuum the timber floors which only takes 5 mins.
With doing all of this, you would think my house is spotless ! yes its clean but tidy ?? uh uh, I have way too much clutter...I need to de-clutter, I really do.


Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning
can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day-
like writing a poem
or saying a prayer.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

April 11, 2005

*housekeeping*~April 11th

Monday has always been the day I clean my bathroom and bedroom ~ I hate Mondays !! ~ BUT like I say ~ I am such a routine girl ~ I strip our sheets, vacuum and dust our bedroom and scrub the bathrooms and toilet like a madwoman. I wash the sheets and towels ~ rinse with lavendar water of course !Sometimes I think I am a little manic BUT - oh the satisfaction I get when I finish~ there is nothing better than putting all those fresh towels in a clean bathroom~ and eachweek I like to do something special after I finish cleaning* maybe light a few tea lights or pick a tiny bunch of gardenias for the bathroom. I have a vase that was my nans~ *who cares if it is chipped~ not me!! * I always use this one for my small posies ~
then after lunch, I am going to bottle the plums that I bought on Saturday . I love bottling ~ it brings me so close to my grandma and when its finished you have the most divine bottles of fruit ~ ahh the vintage life ~ I am so lucky !!

April 10, 2005

*organic gardening recipes*~April

use a liquid soap and not a detergent. pure castille soap is good

Soap Spray ~ for aphids

1 to 2 tablespoons liquid soap
1 quart water
Combine ingredients in a bucket, mix, then transfer to a spray bottle as needed.

All Purpose Pesticide Soap Spray

a handful of garlic, onions, horseradish, ginger, rhubarb leaves, cayenne and other hot peppers, Enough boiling water to cover
Soap Spray (recipe, above)

Add the roots and spices to the bottom of a mason jar. Cover with the boiling water, screw on the top, and let set overnight. Strain, and add to the Soap Spray. Only make up enough as needed as it won't keep

*vintage gardening*~April 10th

well I must say that my garden is looking gorgeous right now....seems all that hard work has paid off. I am finally winning the war with the white butterflys ... I just haven't worked out if it is the plastic white butterfly fluttering over the broccoli or the hot pink tuille that is covering the plants.. but whatever it is, it's working ! My turnips are growing as well, that was driving me mental with the slugs and snails but it looks like the wood ash barrier is stopping them. My vegie garden is beginning to look like my grandpas...just what I intended.
pottering in the front garden today.......the orange trees need to be de-snailed as does the rhubarb

when I was out watering today I noticed the feverfew is looking gorgeous.....must find some herbal recipes using it. I know its good for headaches but not sure in which form.

April 09, 2005

*Camilla weds her prince*

well it's done ! Prince Charles has married Camilla. Although I am a Diana fan, I am wishing Charles and Camilla a long happy life together. They should have married 30 years ago. She looked radiant. They are so much in love ~ this is what fairytales are made of ! Every one deserves to be with their soul mate

I was just thinking about how every one has an opinion on the whole Charles/Diana/Camilla thing... yes me too...and I really love Diana or what she stood for ...she was everything a childhood fairytale tells us a princess is. I disliked Camilla because of what happened but only just now realized that the whole situation is just like any other marriage that breaks down. Very, very sad ~ yes ~ but not one of us can judge them at all. We weren't involved and we definately don't know the full story. so I say ~leave them alone~ Camilla will make her prince happy. And the good thing about her is that she is normal..same as me... bad hair days....teeth that aren't perfect..... goes out in whatever she fancies...gum boots, jeans..looking like she has been gardening but when she needs to look divine , she works on it and comes out looking gorgeous......as she did on her wedding day. Good luck to them !!!!!

*vintage gardening*~April 9th

Saturday is usually the day I spend in the garden ~ actually all weekend if I can. Today instead, we are off to the Bathurst agricultural show ~ lots of yummy homemade jams and pickles to buy and all those special things for a vintage girl ~ lavender soaps,honey and ~ handcreams . Maybe a fossick or two in the local op shops ~ those stores out in the country are full of gorgeous old cardis and coats ! oh how many times I have bought bags full for only a dollar or two. I love to come home and wash them in soap flakes, rinse them in lavender water and fold them all into a sweet smelling pile ~ ahh such is the vintage life


I just can't get by without my MUM

April 08, 2005

the end of an era*

John Paul 11

the world has lost a lovely soul

April 07, 2005

*vintage cleaning*~April

cleaner for wood floors

1/8 cup linseed soap or vegetable-oil soap (castille soap is good )
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup peppermint tea
2 gallons warm water

combine all in a bucket and swish until combined

*housekeeping*~April 7th

oh ! I am such a routine girl. I fluff around wishing I was living in the past ~ thinking I am my nan.
Thursday is kitchen and dining room day ~ where I vacuum, dust and clean the kitchen benches.
I am still trying to find a vintage recipe for cleaning timber floors. those store bought ones are so chemical smelling.... what happened to the glorious smell that grandma had in her home ? I think it must have been linseed oil. I must try that .
and lighting the sweet little rose perfumed tea lights when I have finished make it all worthwhile.
If only I could motivate myself to clean both my verandahs.......
lots of roses in bloom in my garden today..when I have finished cleaning..I am going to pick my self a bunch to put in the dining room ~ a special treat.