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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

April 11, 2005

*housekeeping*~April 11th

Monday has always been the day I clean my bathroom and bedroom ~ I hate Mondays !! ~ BUT like I say ~ I am such a routine girl ~ I strip our sheets, vacuum and dust our bedroom and scrub the bathrooms and toilet like a madwoman. I wash the sheets and towels ~ rinse with lavendar water of course !Sometimes I think I am a little manic BUT - oh the satisfaction I get when I finish~ there is nothing better than putting all those fresh towels in a clean bathroom~ and eachweek I like to do something special after I finish cleaning* maybe light a few tea lights or pick a tiny bunch of gardenias for the bathroom. I have a vase that was my nans~ *who cares if it is chipped~ not me!! * I always use this one for my small posies ~
then after lunch, I am going to bottle the plums that I bought on Saturday . I love bottling ~ it brings me so close to my grandma and when its finished you have the most divine bottles of fruit ~ ahh the vintage life ~ I am so lucky !!


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