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daily parcels * tied up in string *

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April 09, 2005

*Camilla weds her prince*

well it's done ! Prince Charles has married Camilla. Although I am a Diana fan, I am wishing Charles and Camilla a long happy life together. They should have married 30 years ago. She looked radiant. They are so much in love ~ this is what fairytales are made of ! Every one deserves to be with their soul mate

I was just thinking about how every one has an opinion on the whole Charles/Diana/Camilla thing... yes me too...and I really love Diana or what she stood for ...she was everything a childhood fairytale tells us a princess is. I disliked Camilla because of what happened but only just now realized that the whole situation is just like any other marriage that breaks down. Very, very sad ~ yes ~ but not one of us can judge them at all. We weren't involved and we definately don't know the full story. so I say ~leave them alone~ Camilla will make her prince happy. And the good thing about her is that she is normal..same as me... bad hair days....teeth that aren't perfect..... goes out in whatever she fancies...gum boots, jeans..looking like she has been gardening but when she needs to look divine , she works on it and comes out looking gorgeous......as she did on her wedding day. Good luck to them !!!!!


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