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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

December 22, 2005

spreading the Christmas cheer

today I am off to visit a friend *just up the road* he loves my Christmas cake, so I thought I would take a piece up to him. Funny, how you have friends but time just flies and it is months before you have seen them...
he is an editor of a wonderful magazine and has his own website - and has just opened up a little shop here in the mountains - take a little peek, when you have time
Rick at Wroxton


Blogger Peggy said...

Love his site! does he do international subscriptions?

8:31 am  
Blogger Carol said...

Oh what a wonderful website, your friend has a very good taste, will have another look tomorrow, am to tired now, it's still wednesday 21st here he he, nite nite x

8:40 am  
Blogger Amy said...

So, what did he think of your cake?

12:57 pm  
Blogger dolly said...

popping in to say hi Ms*R and wish you and all your lurvely blogging friends a happy, simple and peaceful Christmas day. love and blessings to you and yours dollx

3:31 pm  
Blogger VintagePretty said...

It's always nice to spread the festive cheer (and the festive food!) pity you're so far away, I bet your cake is delish :-)

-off to ice mine today!


7:29 pm  
Blogger Connie and Rob said...

I would love to be able to browse through his shop. It looks like one of those places that you go through 3 times to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Lovely quilts.


9:15 pm  
Blogger Garden girl said...

oh that shop is so cosy and lovely - too far to come for the day for me...:( maybe one day!
BTW youre so right about the word verification thing...I ALWAYS get it wrong and have to re type!

11:57 pm  

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