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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

April 17, 2006

vintage gardening

we have decided to move my vegetable garden closer to the house - it is a little way away at the moment and not close to the kitchen. I wanted a potager or kitchen garden, where I could just slip out the back door to pick fresh herbs and veggies for dinner. Today was spent moving the old gates that surrounded my veggie garden and digging out shrubs where the new one is going as well as relocating garden beds and compost heaps. Alot of work involved but it will be wonderful when it is all done. I was feeling really happy with all the work achieved today and about 5.30, I had a lovely long shower, washing my hair and pampering my poor old body when Joe came running in and told me he had just seen a snake in our yard! It was under his car and he thought it was a stick so he kicked it, looked back and saw it slithering towards my garden. He said it looked like it was a death adder so we looked it up on the net - the conclusion that I have come to is that it is either a tiger or a banded snake. Hopefully the latter as they are not as venomous as the tiger. I KNOW that it is expected to find snakes in our area but I just don't like the fact that there is one here, somewhere amongst the agapanthas. Oh golly gosh, how am I ever going to face going into the garden now? I absolutely hate snakes.


Blogger Cookie said...

Yikes Robyn !!! I hate snakes too...we live in semi=rural area and so far havent seen any. I worry about my dog being bitten. What are you going to do now?

9:45 pm  
Blogger Peggy said...

Hate snakes but luckly have a cat that catches and kills them. the dogs just ignor them.

10:26 pm  
Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I like this image, I am scared of snakes.

1:09 am  
Blogger Mindy said...

OH No....this isn't good...I hate snakes too....yuck...we live in a semi rural area also, and have a small stream behind our property..makes me wonder how many snakes are out there...

1:58 am  
Blogger herhimnbryn said...

Just make lots of noise when going into your garden over the next few days ms*robyn. The snake will keep well away from you. Always wear boots and gloves when gardening too!

1:00 pm  
Blogger Calidore said...

Okay so I know what you're feeling right now - after all I have been there and done that...lol. Trust me after a few days the wobbles will go away, but the desire to throw a shovel into any bush before weeding near it does not. I'm sending "snake be gone" thoughts your way.

1:44 pm  
Blogger Maggie Ann said...

That is scary...hope you find a solution soon. I've always been afraid one would get into the basement...we have a creek quite close to the house and I know there are snakes there.

6:19 am  

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