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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

December 13, 2005

a peek into ms*robyn's real life

yes ladies my *real* life - not the one where I swan around like Martha * lighting tea lights and scrubbing my bathroom within an inch of my life but the one where I create * usually a mess, sometimes works of art * either in the kitchen * the garden * or my sewing room.
Today - I just must get into the sewing room and tidy it - as this is what I saw this morning


Blogger Nicole said...

Oh Ms Robyn, How I do so love you! I will have to take a photo of my sewing room for you... the one I've been meaning to clean up for six months. It shares space with my office and my camping supply storage area. Oh Dear! You have nothing to worry about...:-)

10:25 am  
Blogger ~NanCourt~ said...

I love it!
I can see your "Circle of Creativity"...that is what I call that little round spot on the carpet where my bottom is usually planted with all my "stuff" circled around me like the wagons in those old timey western movies.
Thanks for sharing and for letting me know that I am not the only one who makes a mess and then lets it "breathe" a day or so. Sadly, my office doesn't even have a circle anymore...it has a very narrow path. I use my office for computing, sewing, photographs, ebay business, and general escape. It is the smallest room in this big old house and has the most stuff in it. Go figure....

11:58 am  
Blogger Calidore said...

Hey at least you can see the carpet....lol. I have had days where not even that is visable. I'm envious of your comfy chair though - it looks just right for sitting and stiching.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Dawn said...

That's ok...One cannot be productive or creative without a mess..It always cleans up. Maybe I will post a picture of my work area...on second thought...not today. :o)

2:05 pm  
Blogger Connie and Rob said...

You absolutely made my day so much better! I have a room that looks like that also. Congratulations to you that you got to tidy yours up...not sure when I will get to mine.


2:19 pm  
Blogger Amy said...

You know I don't feel so bad now, your house looks like mine lol

3:05 pm  
Blogger Kali said...

phew...you've made me feel so much better ;)
Maybe one day I'll post a pic of mine...LOL

3:10 pm  
Blogger Maggie Ann said...

I love this peek into your real life creative genius! I create big messes when I do anything. If I cross-stitch, there are charts on the floor and table, bags of floss all around...a general mess, but no mess, no creating..so it just goes with the territory.

4:35 pm  
Blogger Shirley said...

trust me when I tell you, that you have nothing to worry about, it looks to me like you have it sorted into piles.

6:59 pm  
Blogger Garden girl said...

feeling a sense of relief....and normality...I thought everyone but me lived in a perfect house! phew!

10:33 pm  
Blogger berryhead said...

FOR SHAME! hahahahahahahahah! Ms That is my kitchen right now!!!!

11:22 pm  
Blogger HomemakerAng said...

I LOVE YOUR HONESTY!!!! I still love the room just as it is shown! We creative types are known for piles of creativity arent we :)

1:41 am  
Blogger Lady Laurie said...

Looks like a wondeful,cozy creative area to me!!

9:00 am  
Blogger Carol said...

I love your sewing room Robyn, the lavender colour of the wall is gorgeous and even your little mess looks lovely to me!

9:40 pm  
Blogger Toni said...

I'm glad to see it!! A real, lived in creative room! Love it.

6:34 pm  

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