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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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here I am in a little cottage that evokes the energies of my ancestral lands - a cottage on the moors of Cornwall, or on the cliff tops of Ireland or Scotland. It has a hearth. I am a hedge witch {of sorts}. I wear upcycled clothes, patchouli oil and Redback boots. I am a gypsy; an eccentric and a mystic [I often live with a foot in two worlds]. I serve my guests, tea from an old silver teapot. I love Vervain, yarrow, chamomile & mint. Star watcher and Moon gazer. story cloth weaver. keeper of family dreams and wishes. good friend and creator of life. herbal tea drinker and potion maker.

Plan ahead and dream of all the beautiful things that life has to offer

December 03, 2005

well -

I said hello, Dolly,......

well, hello, Dolly

It's so nice to have you back where you belong

You're lookin' swell, Dolly.......

I can tell, Dolly

You're still glowin'...you're still crowin'...you're still goin' strong

I feel that room swayin'......

while the band's playin'

One of your old favourite songs from way back when

So..... take her wrap, fellas.......

find her an empty lap, fellas

Dolly'll never go away again

seriously - Dolly a big * big welcome to Sydney * down-under * hope your days here are fun

& many good memories & friends are made



Blogger my vintage days said...

What a cute welcome!

11:41 pm  
Blogger Kali said...

Now that's a warm welcome ! :)

11:52 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

The welcome could only be improved by Ms Robyn singing it. Hope you enjoy Oz. Dolly.

1:17 am  
Blogger Connie and Rob said...

You just have a gorgeous blog. I love "Hello Dolly"!

Hope you don't mind if I stop by as a regular...just fascinated what you are going to have next.

4:24 am  
Blogger dolly said...

oh Ms*R thank you thank you thank you sooooo much. We have already experienced the Ozzie hospitality and we've only been here 3 days - people are soooooo friendly, to be honest it has totally taken us aback. We have been offered help by complete strangers at least 3 times - and a young lad of about 14 called out to us when we were walking up some steep steps with the stroller and the little one and asked us if we needed him to help us carry it!!! I'm tellin ya that just DOES NOT happen in the UK, least of all not where we live, EVER!!!!

We've had people we met welcome us to Australia with such pride in their voices. We lurve lurve lurve it here already

thanks for dedicating this entry to me, hahahah I'm famous!!!!

love ya, Dollx

6:17 pm  

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