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daily parcels * tied up in string *

daily musings of a vintage addict * I am totally obsessed with all things vintage * trying to keep up with my past...and sometimes ordinary everyday life

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September 19, 2005

day to day living ~ vintage style*

packed lunches! who can remember them? I still pack Joe's lunch most days and ms*sophie's about 3 times a week for school. The other days she likes to buy something from the canteen. And how fillings and snacks have changed over the years, there is such a variety of snacks on supermarket shelves these days....

when I was little - for play lunch we had either SAOS or wheatmeal biscuits with cheese or vegimite and a piece of fruit and for lunch a sandwich with meat, cheese or salad. Sometimes at the end of the week, it could have been vegimite or peanut butter, no supermarkets to run out and buy things whenever you needed and usually not alot of money left over either.
I can still smell the smell of a cardboard school case that a banana had sat in for a day. And I remember the plastic drink bottle with cordial....icy cold from when mum had put it in the freezer overnight so that I could have a cold drink during our hot summer days..all wrapped in a tea towel and placed in a plastic bag.

nowdays I pack Joe a sandwich with meat & cheese, some macadamia nuts and a piece of fruit. ms*sophie takes a chicken, avocado and mayo sandwich, a muesli bar or maybe something I have baked and a fruit juice. I do buy either chips or fruit straps each week for her but am trying to get away from too many processed foods.
I can remember reading how Rachel Aswell would write her daughter a note each night and I took this idea and sometimes put a little note in ms*sophie's lunch to remind her that she is special and loved. She has quite a collection now..all in a teeny little box......


Blogger Amy said...

I make my childrens and husband's lunches - I prefer it. There's nothing quite like a home-made lunch - store brought lunches are less personal and cost more. My mum use to do the drink bottle thing in the freezer for me too. Wasn't it awesome on hot days?

8:44 am  
Blogger Shell said...

Oh, the note thing is so sweet. I bet your daughter feels way loved.

I don't remember much of the lunchbox really. My Dad is a school principal so all through primary school I just went home and got lunch at lunchtime (as traditionally the school house is always next to the school). I do remember the smell of other people's lunch boxes at lunchtime, and I always loathed it, icky, especially in summer time and when people had stale fruit in there, or tuna sandwiches that had gone hot! Gawsh, I was a little snootybum even back then.

When I got to highschool I bought my lunch most days or ate someone elses, *laughs*. My mum is awesome, really! She just isn't your homebody, make lunchboxes kind of mummy - often she'd just hand us money and tell us to go to the tuckshop. God love her!

I'm hoping to start packing a lunch box with my new job. You can spend so much on a freaking sandwich these days, it's unbelievable!

4:29 pm  
Blogger Gina E. said...

More memories revived here, Robyn! As my Mum was in and out of hospital so much, with Dad working long hours, they had no choice but to give me two shillings to buy lunch at the tuck shop every day. It is strange, but even back then as a teenager, I preferred healthy food such as salads and fruit. I remember some kids coming to school having had no breakfast, and at morning recess they would head to the tuck shop and buy a cream bun and a Coke...uuuurrrkk...my stomach would heave just seeing them!!
And do you remember (or did you have) the little half pint bottle of milk every morning at school? In the fifties, we all had it, and in winter, the bottles would be lined up against those metal wall heaters to take the chill off the milk...in summer, it would be warm by the time it got to us anyway. I remember lots of kids throwing up afterwards....eeeeewww!!

10:01 pm  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

oh yes, Gina - how I remember those bottles of warm milk.If only we knew then what we know now and had 'taken' a few. very collectable now.

10:14 pm  
Blogger ~NanCourt~ said...

Ah, the "love notes"! Imagine the lump in my throat when packing my daughter for her move to college and for me to move 13 hours away to a new home....she had saved every little daily lunch box note from her elementary days and beyond and had them all in a little Winnie the Pooh (or similiar) box! I never knew she saved them! It was so much fun to read back over them. I wrote little things like "Do good on your spelling test. You know all the words!" Or, "Today is Thursday and we will have fun after school when you go to dance class." Of course, they all ended with "I love you, Your Mommy" and I always, and to this day, drew two little intertwined hearts under my name. It was to symbolize our love for each other. It seemed like such a little thing to do back then but realize now what it meant to her. I continued to slip her little notes all through junior high and high school and she saved them as well. I would tuck one in her notebook or purse or cheerleading bag. I am so glad now that I did this. She has them with her even at college.
Thanks for the smile.....it has been a trying day.

1:32 pm  

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